Healing LED Light Therapy

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If you want to try Light Therapy, start with a Dual Red/NIR Array with half 660nm LEDs and half 850nm Near Infrared LEDs. The high-power version cuts down treatment time from 5-10 minutes to 1-2 per area. Red/NIR have the greatest utility in accelerating healing, reducing inflammation and infection, pain relief, skin care, hair growth, etc. Our High-power arrays cost $.05/mW… a lot of bang for the buck.

Safe, effective, affordable LED light can speed healing of wounds and infections, soothe sore muscles, ease chronic pain, relieve stiffness, increase circulation, rejuvenate and tone skin, eliminate fat, and much more. This non-drug alternative treatment will amaze you with rapid effects. Based on  NASA research on healing with LED lights.

Elixa’s LED arrays put out approximately 1 joule per minute per cm2, more light per dollar than others. Our LEDs have a rating of 4000 mcd at 6.4mw. This equates to around 25 mW/cm2 ir 1 Joules per cm/2. This compares favorably with so-called Cold Lasers and Low-level Lasers. They do not pulse because that would add significant cost to the product, and we have seen no solid, double-blinded research that indicates a difference in healing effects between pulsed and constant light. We believe that healing depends mainly on the wavelength and the output power of the light.

Elixa’s Handheld LED Arrays have a Lifetime warranty. Parts and Labor covered except for physical damage or misuse. Return shipping not covered.

30 day trial with 15% restock fee. Return S&H not included.

Dose times vary with color/wavelength and output Power mW/cm2.

As research conclusions vary widely, the window of proper treatment time can range from a minute per cm2 in the HP (High-Power) arrays, to 5-10 minutes using the standard 120 LED units.

Note: In the Dual Array, switching off one of the colors lowers the total output by 50%. In the Triple Array, switching one color off lowers the total output by 33%. Two colors off lowers the total output by 67% (approximately.)

Additional colors: Custom arrays available. Price depends on color/wavelength (in nm), and wattage/output power.

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