Health Concerns: Mind

Depression, anxiety, insomnia, focus, meditation, peak performance, energy, memory issues respond well to “mind machines” that use brain wave entrainment, pulsed lights, sounds, and micro-current electrical stimulation to balance neurotransmitters, provide deep rest and rejuvenation, and re-program negative scripts.

We know of no more powerful way to deal with stress, rejuvenate, and get deep lasting personal change in energy, mood, focus, and even IQ, than with these products. Small, portable, and battery-powered, they can go with you anywhere you need a power nap, mood adjustment, or quick shift from spaced out to focused and present.

Have trouble falling asleep? The Oasis Pro and Delight Pro have delta sessions will knock you out faster than a sedative with no hangover. Need to focus fast? 5 minutes of beta will make a big difference. Want to change your subconscious programming? Drop down into theta and spend 30 minutes with an HPP program or your own affirmation MP3s. This method works better and costs far less than psychotherapy and meds.

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