Procyon Light & Sound Mind Machine



See the Limina AVS Light & Sound Meditation System or Kasina Mind Media System for the latest versions of Light & Sound brainwave entraintment with even more features, sessions, and effects.

Gentle pulsing LED lights and psycho-acoustic sounds rapidly shift mind states for Mood Control, Accelerated Learning and Change, Instant Meditation, Sleep, Self-Hypnosis Reprogramming, Amazing Inner Journeys, and much more. Suitable for all ages. Powerful, pleasant, and proven.

For a limited time: Get a complimentary copy of the revolutionary Hypno-Peripheral Processing Program MP3: Changing Emotions. This is a $30 program that we feel will enhance the experience of your purchase. Read our article on Using Mind Machine and HPP MP3’s together for more info.


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See the Limina AVS Light & Sound Meditation System or Kasina Mind Media System for the latest versions of Light & Sound brainwave entraintment.

The Procyon takes light and sound brainwave synchronization to a whole new  level with a palette of millions of colors— modulated by a variety of innovative visual effects. The Procyon enables a new kind of audio-visual experience, matching color to the desired mental state.

Even if you never connect it to a PC to create new sessions, you’ll have plenty of amazing journeys with the dazzling displays and subtle yet powerful mood and mind shifts from the 50 pre-programmed sessions. Like the Proteus, the Procyon can induce deep states of meditative bliss for quick stress reduction as well as hypnotic retraining when used with well-designed programs like those found in the HPP series. Just put on the variable color light frames, headphones, select a Procyon session, and start your CD/MP3 player. In no time at all, you’ll drift into a totally relaxed state of receptivity that will allow positive messages to replace dysfunctional ones. The automatic changes in your reactions and ability to handle stress will amaze you over the coming weeks. Expect an increase in energy and focus with your new attitudes of ease and balance.

We’ve also added a unique new capability: the ability to create precisely synchronized audio material on compact disc or MP3 that will drive the Procyon’s lights. This feature, called SynchroMuse™, is like an advanced version of AudioStrobe®, but allows full-color control—ideal for use with color-work, language learning, hypnotherapy, personal growth, music, etc.


Procyon includes:

• Procyon control unit

• Red/Green/Blue compact GanzFrames™ with micro-miniature LEDs

• Stereo Headphones

• USB cable (mini to standard)

• Stereo (mini, 3.5mm) audio patch cord to connect to tape, CD player, IPod, etc.

• Carrying case

• Manual

• Free programming software available via download

• One-year parts and labor warranty

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