Water Ozonator OZX-300ST

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Ozone turns ordinary water into super water that invigorates and purifies your entire system. Has similar health benefits as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) but less harsh.
Ozone purifies ambient air, kills mold, and energizes.


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ozoneOZX-300ST Ozone Generator with built-in air pump bubbles air with activated oxygen into water for drinking, washing food, and bathing as well as air purification to eliminate mold and unpleasant odors. It comes with an air dryer that protects the inner circuitry and increase the amount of ozone.  This new compact water ozonator uses an advanced integrated corona discharge to produce up to  500 mg/hr of healthful ozone.

Simple to use and works anywhere, regardless of humidity or power supply.  Five minutes of ozone turns ordinary water to super water that invigorates and purifies your entire system.


  • Low power consumption (22W) with high ozone output.
  • Compact design with built in air pump, buy and use instantly.
  • Able to connect with air dryer through air inlet.
  • Come up with 2 sets of hoses and diffuser stones.
  • Long life performance. Replacement parts available but not usually needed.
  • 90 minute timer and constant “On” function.
  • adjustable ozone output.

Drink ozonated water to add oxygen for energy, clarity, and resistance. Most users notice immediate improvements in their health and well-being.

Remove contaminants from food by soaking in ozonated water. It kills surface bacteria on vegetables, fruit, and meat.

Purify the air you breathe. Ozone quickly clears smoke, mold, and other contaminants. Use in rooms, cars, hotel rooms.

Wash your face with ozonated water for 1 minute for improved skin texture, treat acne, and prevent mycotic infections.

Diffuse ozone in the bathtub to promote good health as well as dealing with fungal inflammation.

Soak feet in ozonated water for athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, etc.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
OZX-300ST Water Ozonator

OZX-300T Water Ozonator + Silvonic Pro $315, OZX-300T Water Ozonator


The OZX-300ST ozonator with digital controls in a compact design has multiple uses. Purify drinking water and air or bubble through oil as a topical application. It also has commercial uses for dish sterilizers and commercial ozone generators for water treatment.

We believe that a wider application of this unit could be found by applying it to spas, baths, small pools and anywhere small volume of water sterilizing is necessary. This is a highly integrated corona discharge three in one unit with ozone tube, ozone power and air pump in one plastic case.

Air Dryer

Note: The air dryer can be recharged by heating in a microwave or oven

  • (Moisture Absorbing Silica Beads)
  • Volume: 200 ml
  • Dimension of outlet: 6mm
  • Air inlet: open

Specifications & Features:
Model Name: OZX-300ST
Max. Ozone Output: 300mg/hr without air dryer
500mg/hr when used with air dryer
Ozone output: adjustable
Internal Air Pump Output: 2-3L/min
Wattage: Less than 22W
Timer: 90min (5 min intervals) and constant ON function
Pump Pressure: 0.015-0.02Mpa
Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge (Ozone Tube)
Gas Resource: Ambient Air
Air inlet Dim:6.5mm
Outlet Dim: 6.5mm
Power Source: AC110V 60Hz
Body Size: 215mmX150mmX60mm
Net Weight: 800g
Power Cable: 1-1.5m in length
Case: Plastic
Accessories Included: 2 sets of hose & diffuser stones, 1 Air Dryer

More Information

Why do you need an air dryer?

Generally, ozone generators can be fed either by oxygen or dry air. But only the oxygen in the air is useful for ozone generators in converting the gas into ozone. In the case of ambient air, the high humidity of the air will cause serious negative affects to ozone generators.

  • Decrease the ozone output greatly
  • Increase the possibility of generating side-product gases, which may not be favorite
  • Fog or high humidity in the ozone tube will easily lead to electrical failures and will shorten the life time of the ozone cell

How to Use an Ozonator

Do you know the difference between a gourmet chef, and an average chef?  The main difference is the taste of the food.  “Quite Alimentary”, my dear Watson!  While most home chefs use supermarket produce, gourmet chefs go to special produce distribution places to buy fresh quality produce daily.  The flavor of high quality produce makes a huge difference in how food tastes.

So just how can a home chef turn supermarket produce into gourmet-tasting meals? The answer is surprisingly simple.  Buy and use a Water Ozonator!  It couldn’t get easier than that.  Then of course, comes the design and decoration of food presentation.

Soaking your food for 4 minutes in ozonated water kills bacteria, stabilizes toxic chemical agents, makes vegetables crispy and delicious, plus gets rid of “odd flavors” in meat, poultry, and seafood.The number one offender causing “odd flavors” is bacteria.  In Los Angeles on 12/9/06, Channel 9 did a study on chicken, in light of the recent E. coli outbreaks in spinach and green onions. They found that 42 % of chicken tested was contaminated with surface bacteria of various kinds. The upshot of the show was to tell people to treat all produce, including fruit and vegetables, as if everything was contaminated with some type of bacteria.

So how can one fight back?  You can easily recalibrate food bacteria levels from gastronomical, to ZERO, by immersing your food for 4 quick minutes in ozonated water. It’s really that easy.

I bought a water ozonator 7 years ago because I was having problems staying awake in the afternoon at work.  I heard that drinking a modest-sized glass of ozonated water gives you an energy boost.  Well, it worked the very first time, and the afternoon brain-fog lifted and flew away. Just say goodbye to the expensive Red Bull-type energy drinks some people buy in the store.  For just pennies, a glass of ozonated water works even better, plus the extra oxygen it feeds into your bloodstream helps your cells get rid of unwanted waste products.

Biochemically speaking, ozone is O3, meaning it is composed of 3 oxygen atoms. It is this extra oxygen atom attached to regular oxygen in the air, O2, which allows ozone to do its magic.

I then learned how rinsing your toothbrush in ozonated water gets rid of the bacteria on your toothbrush which begins growing in between brushing your teeth. Gargling with ozonated water helps with mouth infections like candida, and bacteria that causes gum diseases; plus it helps sterilize bridges and dentures.

Ozonating even purifies water!  Did you know that bottled water costs even more than gasoline?  Why spend the money when you can purify your own at home.  Here’s how it works. Ozonate your drinking water (tap, spring, well, or bottled), about 7 minutes per gallon of water in a glass container, then pour it into your water bottles for consumption. O3 acts to stabilize chemicals such as chlorine, fluorine, and heavy metals. What stabilize means is, the extra oxygen atom renders these chemicals inert, or harmless, so they don’t absorb into your system after drinking the water.

Aside from killing any bacteria in the water, ozone is also the only thing that kills cryptosporidium.

Note:  A large glass of water absorbs 95% of available ozone within 4 minutes, then excess ozone escapes into the air as a gas, so turn off the ozonator after 4 minutes unless you want to freshen your air! Ozone impregnated water quickly begins to dissipate its extra oxygen. So, for maximum energizing effects, drink it right away.  Storing ozonated water for longer periods maintains its purity, but has a less energizing effect.

I discovered the gourmet food connection quite by accident one day, after I found questionably old cucumbers in my refrigerator.  Upon touch, they were soft and not firm, and, I wondered about them being safe to eat due to bacteria. I used my water ozonator, then soaked the chopped up cucumbers for 4 minutes.  The results were amazing.  Not only did the cukes come out firm, but they were crunchy and delicious.

I next used ozonated water to make shrimp cocktail.  I love shrimp, but buying frozen shrimp from the store usually turns out with soft shrimp that has a slight fishy residual taste.  Not anymore.  The ozone in the water firms up the shrimp, and gets rid of all fishy after tastes.  I became the happiest person in California, knowing I could buy cheap frozen shrimp and make shrimp cocktail that tasted even better than expensive restaurants.

Since then, I began to ozonate everything from steak, to meats, to poultry, to seafood, to vegetables and fruit.  I discovered not only fresher better tasting food, but also the produce lasted longer in the refrigerator.

I even pour some ozonated water into my cat’s water bowl to keep the water fresher for longer.  He has since developed a silkier coat.

Jeff Labno

P.S.  Did you know that Oxygen is the body’s most important nutrient?  Without it, we could only survive minutes.  Supplementing with more available oxygen, allows the body to operate more energetically.

P.S.S.  Did you know that water is the body’s second most important nutrient?

Without it, we could only survive one week.  Drinking impure water causes the body to be sluggish.  Drinking purer water (with O3) allows the body to function at a greater optimal level.



Combination Offers

Purchase the OZX-300ST Ozone Generator with the Silvonic Pro CS Generator for only $315 including S&H in US, a savings of $19.

How to ozonate water

How to Ozonate Water for Health

Ozonating water has several purposes. Ozone kills micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, spores, etc) and eliminates most noxious chemicals. Ozonated water performs these functions both externally on the skin and internally when swallowed. It not only has cleansing/detoxifying effects… it also adds oxygen for energy.

Bubbling ozone into water works best when using cold water in a glass or stainless steel container. Since ozone turns back into oxygen fairly quickly, you will get the most benefit by drinking it immediately. Keeping it in a container with an airtight seal, preferably in the refrigerator, will preserve the ozone content for a longer period of time.

It takes only a few minutes to ozonate a glass of water. A quart can take around 5 minutes to infuse enough ozone for health benefits. You can ozonate for longer periods of time, but water can only hold a limited amount of ozone. The colder the water, the more ozone it can hold. You can taste and smell the level of ozone and decide for yourself how long you should run the generator. The higher the output setting, the less time it takes.

The ozone that comes off the water during the process will freshen the air in the room as well as kill mold. In fact, if you have a room with mold, you can run the ozonator for hours with the door closed. Just be sure to air it out before entering the room as ozone at high concentrations can irritate the lungs.

When you drink freshly ozonated water, be careful not to inhale as you drink or the ozone coming off the water may make you cough.

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