About Elixa

A Message From Phil Safier, President of Elixa, Ltd.

Welcome to the newest version of our website which we started over 20 years ago. We hope you will find it helpful as a source of information and tools for healing and personal growth.

Elixa has evolved as the result of over 30 years of research into natural methods of attaining optimal well-being. Since 1988, we have provided cutting-edge products and easy-to-use information that let you take control of your physical and mental health. We recommend only those items and methods that we have personally tested and researched.

Our money-back* guarantee ensures your satisfaction and our support guarantees your success. We ship internationally (almost) anywhere on Earth!

We have addressed several levels of health, believing that one must pay attention to physical, mental, and emotional issues to achieve fundamental wellness and peak being. At Elixa, you will find products that go beyond simple maintenance and quick “cures”. We focus on the essentials that establish a strong foundation for vibrant living and adaptation to stress.

I personally guarantee your satisfaction with our products. If you try them for 30 days and do not feel that they meet your expectations, please return them for a refund*.

Phil Safier, President of Elixa, Ltd.

*Less 15%. No refund on S&H, CDs/MP3s, or nutrients. You have a full 30 days from the time you receive products to use them before returning them.