Silvonic Pro Automatic Nano-particle Colloidal Silver Generator

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We do not have the Silvonic Pro Colloidal Silver Generator in stock. We will notify you as soon as possible as to how to order. Contact us by email at [email protected] or phone 800.766.4544.

Silvonic Pro instructions

The Silvonic Turbo Colloidal Silver Generator makes 2 quarts at a time for only a bit more than the 16 0unce Pro version.

Are you prepared for the Corona Virus, SARS, flus, and the rest of the threats heading our way? Protect yourself, your family, and your pets for pennies per ounce with home-made Colloidal Silver! Sanitize your home, your skin, and help your immune system. While we cannot claim that CS will kill the virus, it kills most and has no negative side effects when made and used properly.
Inhaling Colloidal Silver with one of our portable nebulizers protects your nose, sinuses, throat, and lungs. Adding 3% Hydrogen peroxide and iodine makes it even more powerful. See video below.
Automatically produce up to 1 quart of the purest, highest potency, bio-available Nano-particle Ionic Colloidal Silver (CS) with our popular Silvonic Pro CS Generator. It requires no skill at all because it automates the process. You cannot make a bad batch. Just set it and forget it to make clear 10 ppm CS using constant current. You can increase the strength with the push of a button. The CS made with the Silvonic Pro retains its potency for years and will not degrade when exposed to light (the proof of nanoparticle size). We include a pair of 99.99% pure silver rods which will make around 100 gallons of fresh, pure, potent CS. We even include an accurate meter for testing the strength of the solution… even after years of storage.

Made in USA. Lifetime Warranty on Control Unit.

Want to make larger quantities faster? Check out the Silvonic Turbo CS Generator. It makes 4 times as much Colloidal Silver in around the same time compared to the Silvonic Pro.

For even more microbe-fighting power, add the Terminator II Zapper! Directly electrify blood to kill micro-organisms directly.

Colloidal silver mist used in critical situations: “One of the Viral Defense disinfectant solutions utilizes a colloidal silver base which is naturally anti-viral, anti-bacterial and non-corrosive. There is an added benefit to using colloidal silver: not only will it deactivate viruses and kills bacteria, but the nano-silver solution will also provide 24 hours of protection”


The Silvonic Pro CS Generator comes with everything you need except a 16 oz glass jar and distilled water.

We highly recommend using a nebulizer with the colloidal silver you make with Silvonic Pro.
The set of pure silver rods that come with the Silvonic Pro will make around 100 gallons of 10 ppm CS. Purchase additional 7″ Silver rod sets here for $45.

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Our non-medical, personal opinions on how to protect yourself and family from the Coronavirus and other threats.
Drink Colloidal Silver daily, spray it topically, and, best of all, breathe CS and protect your sinuses and lungs with one of our portable nebulizers, the Mini for $59, or the MistaSilver deluxe model on sale for $79.
Watch our Youtube video demonstrating the nebulizers.
At the first sign of infection, put some 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in ears while lying on your side. Let it "sizzle" and do the other ear when it stops.
Take 5,000 IU D3 (with K2 preferably) daily and more if ill.
Drink ozonated water and breathe ozonated air.
Watch this 5 minute video: Heat your nose and sinuses with a blow dryer!
NOTE: No one can say whether or not a particular method will protect against the Novel Corona Virus with absolute certainty, but we know that Colloidal Silver kills almost every known pathogenic bacteria, virus, fungus, and mold on contact. Do not take our opinions as medical advice, but our products will cause no harm if used wisely, and they may prevent or lessen the effects of various biological agents.
This recent paper Silver is A Broad Spectrum Anti-Viral by an MD cites extensive research on the anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects of nano-particle silver.


Silvonic Pro Instructions

Colloidal silver acts as a powerful, natural antimicrobial that kills most bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Used regularly, it helps prevent infections and lessens their severity and duration. Research at Rice University shows that ions of silver (not uncharged particles) suffocate pathogenic organisms by disabling the enzyme needed to use oxygen. Fortunately, silver ions have no negative effects on the enzymes we need nor on any other aspect of human function.

Drink it, spray it topically, and, best of all, breathe CS with one of our portable nebulizers, the Mini for $29, or the MistaSilver deluxe model on sale for $79.

This page has some excellent info on Colloidal Silver

While you can buy Colloidal Silver in stores and on-line, why pay as much as $5 per ounce for solutions of unknown quality and potency when you can easily make your own fresh for pennies per ounce? You control the strength and know exactly what it has in it (distilled water and pure silver). And it requires no skill or monitoring to make it properly, automatically with the Silvonic Pro CS Generator. We have eliminated all the guess work and made it impossible to ruin a batch. The Silvonic Pro will not work if you have bad water and shuts itself off when it reaches the optimal strength. You can make it as strong as you like with the program button. Each push adds 2 Parts Per Million (ppm) to the normal shut-off point of 12 ppm. We include an accurate EC-3 Continuity Meter to test your distilled water. It also comes in handy if you’ve stored your CS and want to check its potency months or years later.

The CS made by the Silvonic Pro will have little to no color, will not degrade when exposed to light (the proof of nano-particle size), and will retain its strength for years when stored properly, ideally in glass at room temperature. With the included EC-3 meter, you can always check the strength of the CS.

Colloidal or Ionic? All Colloidal Silver consists of ions and particles in varying ratios. Research at Rice University shows that only silver ions kill micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and that the uncharged particles do not. While some sources argue that silver ions become inactivated when they come into contact with stomach acids and salts in the body, no clinical research demonstrates that this happens. We know from extensive use in the field that Ionic/Colloidal Silver works when used in a timely fashion and in sufficient quantity. As we also know that properly made CS has no negative effects, it makes sense that, when needed, one should use CS liberally and often. Consider this, if CS had any side effects, eg turning users blue, with hundreds of thousands of regular users of CS, wouldn’t we have seen many Smurfs by now? Research even indicates that CS increases the effectiveness of antibiotics!

The Silvonic Pro produces a colloidal solution with around 85% silver ions, single atoms minus an electron, less than 0.0003 microns in diameter (1 micron = 0.001 millimeters). Faster CS generators cannot make consistent nanoparticles. Join the Slow Silver Movement! It takes longer to make it right. Don’t hurry and don’t worry.

The Silvonic Pro works best with around 16 ounces of distilled water, but can make quart batches*. It can take several hours to make 16 oz of 10 ppm CS due to ultra-low current used to produce ultra-small nano-size particles with the highest ratio of positively charged ions to particles. The automatic shut-off feature means that you cannot ruin a batch! Just set it and forget it.
*For best results, keep the water moving by applying a small amount of heat at the bottom or side of the jar. We have a heated base for this purpose.

Making more than 1 quart/liter:
The Silvonic Pro uses the SWAP method of switching the polarity of the rods every 5 minutes and this change in direction of electrical flow creates enough motion in the water to prevent agglomeration or clumping of the nanoparticles. This advanced SWAP technique does not work in batches over a quart. If you want to make larger batches, get our Silvonic Turbo that has 14″ rods and higher output circuitry for making 1/2 gallon at a time.

To speed up the process, heat the water (no hotter than 100° F)  and/or add some previously made CS to bring the initial meter reading up to about 004. For best results, make a pint (16 ounces/.5 L) at a time. Although CS keeps indefinitely, it probably works best when fresh.

Our rods have a U shape for 2 important reasons: 1. You can get twice as much silver into a small container than with straight rods. 2. Sharp edges and ends in the water produce large particles.

The Silvonic Pro Colloidal Silver Generator makes the highest quality Nanoparticle Ionic Colloidal Silver using 99.99% pure silver electrodes. It has variable strength PPM (Parts Per Million) settings and shuts itself off automatically when it reaches the desired strength. Using the SWAP method that alternates the current (AC), the electrodes will have very little build-up, wear evenly, and the water needs no stirring for batches 1 quart (950 ml) and under.

You will get consistently excellent Colloidal Silver every time because the Silvonic Pro monitors the amount of silver in the water. You can check your water for purity too with the included digital tester. It runs on just about any power!

You can make other metal colloids with the Silvonic, but meters will not measure the strength.

This CS generator uses the most advanced circuitry available to the home brewer. The SWAP AC method produces the smallest size (.001 micron range) silver particles and the most ions. It also detects the concentration of silver in solution and automatically stops at the target PPM. While you do not need a meter to make excellent CS, we provide one with our Silvonic Pro kit. Use it to check your distilled water as well as the final result. NOTE: Most distilled water in stores works well with the Silvonic Pro, but you should always test it before making CS. If it has more than about 3 PPM, it will not make the best CS. We also recommend transferring the distilled water from the plastic container into glass if storing it. Distilled water leaches plastic over time except for some high-quality plastics.

We recommend 5-15 PPM CS for best results. Nano-particle CS works better than stronger solutions which typically have larger particles. Instead of making stronger CS, just take more 5-15PPM. Topical uses like CS ointment can use 15-25 PPM CS. High PPM CS (over 20 ppm) usually known as “Mild silver Protein” has overly large particle sizes and typically uses an egg protein (casein) to keep them in suspension.

Why you should have a meter:
In order to make CS with the smallest particles, the water should have no minerals or other contaminants. While the Silvonic Pro lets you know if your water has an unacceptable level of minerals by shutting off quickly, the EC-3 conductivity meter shows the quality of your water. You should also check your CS strength with a meter so that it does not exceed 15 PPM for internal use. We recommend 5-15 PPM for best particle size and ionic content.

With the two included 12 gauge U-shaped 99.99% pure silver rods, the Silvonic Pro can produce around 100 gallons of 10 ppm CS. We sell replacement rod sets for $45 here, but you really don’t need them because you probably will never make 100 gallons!

Colloidal Silver Tips

  • Store distilled in glass to prevent plastic leaching
  • Rinse containers with distilled water… not soap etc
  • Good CS is clear and will not discolor in light. Good to store CS in brown bottles but not absolutely necessary with the Silvonic Pro.
  • Store at room temp.
  • Around 10 µS/ppm works best internally.
  • Diluting stronger yellow CS does not work as well as clear 10 ppm.
  • Use CS daily (about 1 oz) to kill mouth bacteria (for teeth, gums, heart) and bolster the immune system. When challenged use a lot (several ounces every hour for as long as needed).
  • Hold in mouth for several minutes to absorb.
  • Use a Nebulizer to get CS directly into lungs. It protects the lungs and gets into the bloodstream quickly. Relieves allergy symptoms immediately.
  • Irrigate sinuses with CS at the first hint of a cold or allergies.
  • Spray on cuts, in eyes, on the scalp. Soak feet. Use as a deodorant.
  • Add CS to your pet’s water.
  • Disinfect counters, food, water. Spray on meat to kill MRSA, see
  • The purer the water (000 µS), the better the CS.
  • CS turbocharges antibiotics. While we avoid using antibiotics, if you must take them on doctor’s orders, use CS too and they’ll work better. Take probiotics too, especially once you’ve finished the course of antibiotics.

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