Power Plus Digestive Enzymes

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Power-Plus High-Potency Digestive Enzymes, 200 vegicaps (500 mg)

Enzymes and Longevity
In an exclusive interview, food enzyme researcher Dr. Edward Howell tells why he believes: “Enzymes may be the key factor in preventing chronic disease and extending the human lifespan.”


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The body functions through a series of enzymatic reactions. Power-Plus full-spectrum food enzymes increase assimilation of foods in the body allowing our bodies to get better fuel for all the processes (rebuilding tissue, waste elimination, energy production, healing, etc.) that our systems run every day. Because enzyme needs increase with aging and most people lack one or more enzymes genetically, everyone would benefit in many ways by taking a good formula at every meal. Most of us eat cooked or processed foods that lack the naturally occurring enzymes of raw food (meat, vegetables, fruit, etc.). Those foods we cannot digest cause discomfort, allergic reactions, and compromise our already overworked immune systems.

Each 500 mg. capsule contains

  • Amylase    20,000 DU (helps break down carbohydrates)
  • Lipase     375 LU (helps break down fat)
  • Protease     26,000 HUT (helps break down protein)
  • Cellulase     1250 CU  (helps break down fiber)
  • Maltase    600 DP (helps break down complex & simple sugars)
  • Sucrase    7 IAU (helps break down complex & simple sugars)
  • Lactase    375 LacU (helps break down milk solids)
  • Pectinase*    7.5 PGU
  • Bromelain*    52,000 PU
  • Papain* 125,000 PU
  • Mineral co-factors* 20 mg (concentrated land and sea sources)

The Power-Plus formula contains:

  • Green papaya and papain (young papaya)
  • Bromelain (pineapple)
  • Pectinase (apple fiber) and
  • Mineral co-factors (kelp, calcium ascorbate, magnesium citrate, zinc gluconate, manganese gluconate) which help deliver or transport enzymes and round out this spectrum.

We use Power-Plus regularly and have nearly no sensitivity to common “problem” foods. In addition, during hay fever season, at the first sign of itching eyes and runny noses, we reach for extra enzymes to clean our bodies of any burden to the immune system beyond the pollen.

Heartburn and Acid Reflux: Instead of using antacids and PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitors) drugs to control “excess acid” (a specious concept that does not reflect the true cause of this condition), take extra digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid with pepsin, vinegar, etc. for immediate relief with no harmful side-effects.

Gluten sensitivity: Taking digestive enzymes with meals will decrease the symptoms of gluten sensitivity for most people, as will using iodine!

We believe Power-Plus offer the best “bang for the buck.” It does what you need it to do at a great price!

Power-Plus enzymes come from concentrated sprout isolates. These powerful 500 mg vegicaps contain the following enzymes (listed with the material that each breaks down/digests)

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