Limina Light & Sound Mind Machine

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Gentle pulsing LED lights and psycho-acoustic sounds rapidly shift mind states for Mood Control, Accelerated Learning and Change, Instant Meditation, Sleep, Self-Hypnosis Reprogramming, Amazing Inner Journeys, and much more. Suitable for all ages. Powerful, pleasant, and proven.

Just put on the LED glasses and earbuds, select an appropriate session (sleep, meditation, hypnosis, creativity, etc), lie back and let the magic happen! Click here for more on Light& Sound Brainwave Entrainment.

For a limited time: Get a complimentary 4 MP3 set of the revolutionary Hypno-Peripheral Processing Program Changing Emotions now encoded with AudioStrobe signals. This is a $36 program that we feel will enhance the experience of your purchase. Read our article on Using Mind Machines and HPP MP3’s together for more info.

The Kasina Mind Media System goes beyond the Limina with over 100 sessions on a micro-SD card with exclusive Elixa programs.

For the ultimate in brainwave entrainment and neurotransmitter balancing, check out the Delight Pro. Pulsing LED lights, psycho-acoustic sounds, and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES).


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The Limina Light & Sound Meditation System takes mood manipulation with flickering lights and designer sound to a new level of sophistication. While other mind machines can provide the basics of stress reduction, accelerated learning, focus training, and a host of other benefits, the Limina lets you get “under the hood” to experiment with the already superior sounds and lights.

40 Hz Gamma sessions for improvements in neural function. May help reverse dementia, Parkinson”s. etc.
Meditation aid – learn to access deeply tranquil mind-states
Train your focus and sharpen your attention
Break undesirable states, like anger
Facilitate accelerated learning
Access altered states of consciousness
Take a power nap at work, school or home.

The Limina will bring you quickly into your desired state of mind to rest deeply in 5 to 15 minutes, clear the cobwebs, study more effectively, induce sleep, or just get into the “zone” for play, creativity, and sports.

It is fully RGB, with millions of possible color combinations, like our ground-breaking Procyon and Kasina systems. The audio quality is full-on compact disk quality, unlike our competitors. And it contains all the sessions from our popular Sirius and Procyon systems, plus a variety of 40 Hz sessions as well. Over 100 Light & Sound sessions are included, with plenty of memory available for you to add more. And our free session creation software is always available should you wish to create your own sessions.

The audio engine can create binaural beats and isochronic tones utilizing a variety of audio waveforms, plus pink noise. And it can decode any SpectraStrobe™ or AudioStrobe® audio tracks when you play them through the AUX audio input. Or play your favorite affirmation, meditation, and other material through the input and the Limina mixes it with the internally synthesized sounds.

Over 100 carefully crafted sessions
Easy to use, with LCD display
255 shades of each color
Multiple audio waveforms including sine and pink noise
Clean and clear CD-quality audio path
Manual frequency control mode covers the full range from delta to gamma
Can decode SpectraStrobe (Kasina) and AudioStrobe audio files
As an added bonus, the manual control mode allows you to choose your favorite frequency and just focus on that instead of running a session. Do you want 7.8 Hz? You’ve got it. 40 Hz? Right there, if the included gamma sessions are not quite right for you.

Limina includes:

  • Limina console (requires 2 x AA batteries, not included)
  • GanzFrame eyewear with 6 LEDs per eye
  • Compact ear buds
  • Stereo patchcord
  • USB micro cable (use to transfer more sessions into console)
  • Quickstart manual and session guides

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in

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