Fit Body Light 2 Red/NearInfrared LED flood lamp

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Multipurpose 36W lamp with visible red 660 nm and invisible near-infrared 850 nm LED light causes fat cells to release their contents resulting in the loss of several inches over 10 painless, relaxing 10-minute sessions. Also useful for pain relief, accelerated healing, wrinkles, and more.
The remote control allows you to select either the 660nm or 850nm separately, pulse the light at 4 or 10 Hz (cycles per second) or have constant light, and select the length of the session to shut off at 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Includes remote control and eyeshades.

Red light treatment for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, IQ, etc.


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The FBL2 LED light therapy lamp covers enough area to replace expensive arrays for pain relief, accelerated healing, fat loss, and many other uses. The lamp relieves muscle and joint pain, improves wrinkles, speeds healing of wounds, reduces scars, enhances hair regrowth, and has other benefits as part of a holistic wellness program.

Gentle red 660 nm (visible red) and 850 nm (near-Infrared) LED light causes fat cells to release their contents resulting in the loss of several inches over 10 painless, relaxing 5-10 minute sessions.Note: Exposure time can vary. Start at about a minute per area, assess the effect, and adjust time as seems reasonable.

 For fat loss, the FBL2 will save you the time it takes to go to a spa or clinic. It only takes about 10 minutes for a treatment, 3 times per week. 10 sessions will yield up to 8” in fat loss when combined with minimal light exercise, sensible diet, and proper hydration.

The FBL2 also relieves pain, accelerates healing, improves complexion and reduces wrinkles, and even helps regrow hair!

The light also can accelerate healing, relieve pain, and has other benefits such as encouraging hair growth (search for “red light therapy hair growth”) and even improving cognition (search for “red light therapy neurodegeneration”).

The remote control allows you to pulse the light at 4Hz or 10Hz. Some research shows that pulsing increases the effect. 4Hz can induce a state of deep relaxation.

To learn more about the therapeutic uses of red and near-infrared light, search for “red light therapy,” “red light weight loss therapy,” and related topics.

Please note: Elixa assumes no responsibility for the misuse of its products and recommends using common sense and safety when using any electrical device, eg do not use around water. Do not fall asleep when using the light as it does not shut off automatically. Use caution by not overdoing the time and starting off slowly at first to make sure you don’t have any negative reactions (unlikely but possible). The light will not harm the eyes if you look at it, but, as with any bright light, it may feel uncomfortable. Do not shine it directly on the eyes, even if closed, for very long. Be careful when using it on the throat as it can affect the thyroid if exposed too long.

Paying attention to your diet can make a big difference in your mood and energy levels. By reducing carbs, especially sugar, and increasing the amount of good fats (coconut oil, butter from grass-fed cows, fish oils, etc), as well as drinking enough water, many typical symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD, etc clear up. Food allergies often cause depression, anxiety, fatigue, etc, so eliminating common allergens (gluten, milk, etc) for a few weeks may help.

We also recommend Intermittent Fasting as a simple, no-cost way of improving your mental and emotional well-being. By not eating for 14-16 hours every day*, your body has sufficient time to digest all your food and eliminate allergens as well as perform many necessary functions that it cannot do while constantly dealing with food. Check out Bulletproof Coffee and the Ketogenic Diet as well.
*Eg, only eat from 9 am to 5 pm. The remainder of the time, including sleep of course, only drink liquids with no calories.

For motivational help with weight, mood brightening, improved sleep, reduced stress, and other factors that impact on fitness, we highly recommend our “mind machines” that balance neurotransmitters, improve sleep and energy, and reprogram subconscious scripts that sabotage our goals. Check out the Delight Pro for information on a very powerful device that combines pulsing lights, sounds, and cranial electrical stimulation (CES). Use it or one of our other CES or AVE devices with an HPP (Hypno Peripheral Process) audio set like Changing Emotions and/or Inside/Out (included with the purchase of a light) for the ultimate in self-help.

They will make losing weight easier by changing the subconscious negative scripts that sabotage your efforts. You will find yourself doing activities that promote weight loss automatically. You will also begin to notice positive changes in attitude and reactions after a week or two of regular use. These 30-minute power naps will also help reduce stress and improve your energy levels as well as sleep.

The HPP technique only works when you get into Theta, a no-time, other-than-conscious state. (You must use headphones to get the effect of the 2 different stories, one in each ear.) The 30 minute HPP session should seem like 5 minutes. If you stay awake during the session, the change messages will not have much effect. Using them when you feel sleepy as a power nap will help this happen. If you have trouble letting go and drifting off, we recommend our mind machines that quickly and effortlessly shift your brain waves into theta. They also help with attention, sleep, motivation, and other positive behaviors. See for more on this technique.

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Additional information

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Fit Body Light2 Frequently Asked Questions

What is red light LED Technology?
The Fit Body Light2 uses 660nm (visible red light) and 850nm (invisible near-Infrared light). Near-Infrared penetrates farther than visible red light and has greater ability to relieve pain and improve circulation.

Are there other red light devices on the market?
There are many versions of red light devices on the market, some are classified as a medical device due to the fact they are laser-based, while others are LED-based. Laser-based red light devices require physician oversight and cannot be operated by a non-medical technician without direct physician supervision. This is due to the risk factors involved such as tissue damage or damage to the eyes. LED-based red light devices will not cause injury to patients or technicians, so they are much safer to operate.

What is the difference between laser light and LED light when it relates to this technology?
The light emitted by a red light device, regardless of whether the source is laser-based or LED-based, will deliver the same reaction within the tissue. This has been proven in a study done by world renowned physician Dr.Tiina I. Karu, Academician of Russian Academy of Laser Science, that indicated both types of light, laser and LED, became diffused upon entering the dermis. The light was diffused to the point where there was negligible difference between the two types of light when it reached the subcutaneous fat cells (fat cells below the surface of the skin).

What does a Fit Body Light treatment feel like?
The user experiences a slight warming effect while relaxing for 10 minutes.

What type of results can be expected?
The recommended Fit Body Light treatment protocol involves 10 treatments in a series, delivered every other day or every 3 days over four weeks. A healthy diet, simple exercise, and the treatments equal happy users who typically report losing two to four inches in the waistline following a series. Some clients are so thrilled that they may want to continue with additional treatments. 

How long will the results last?
Results will vary from client to client as everyone is different. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including eating healthy and simple exercise, expect lasting long term results. We recommend the Paleo diet of low carbs and lots of good fats.

Can anyone be treated?
Any adult who is not pregnant. The Fit Body Light treatment is safe and effective for any skin color or type. Of course clients are recommended to consult their physician before starting any type of diet or exercise program. 

Do clients need to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen?
The protocol associated with the Fit Body Light system involves simple to follow directions, but does not require a strict diet or strenuous exercise. Most businesses/practices will already have a weight loss program in place. If not, we can recommend some very successful programs to you to optimize results. The Fit Body Light protocol can help to motivate a person. Seeing is believing! 

What areas of the body can be treated?
The Fit Body Light can be used on any part of the body; hips, waist, thighs, back, upper arms and neck. We find that most of our clients are looking for treatments in the abdominal area. No more muffin tops!

Will a red light device work on an obese client?
Yes, however it will take more than a series of ten treatments. Obese clients can benefit from a treatment involving a red light device. Just as with any other type of client, the improvement in appearance has a motivating effect, enabling the client to apply an effort that can provide exceptional results in the long term.

Is the Fit Body Light device safe?
Absolutely! The treatments are completely safe, painless, risk-free and there is no downtime. The light emitted by the Fit Body Light generates minimal warmth that is relaxing. The Fit Body Light was designed completely for the clients satisfaction. 

What can a person do to optimize their results?
To achieve optimal results with the Fit Body Light treatments, the patient should follow the simple steps outlined in our protocol. Any individual who is committed to improving their appearance will have no problem following these guidelines.

Why did the early version of a red light system have some patients who did not see a satisfactory result?
The first red light LLLT device was released with a lot of fanfare and promoted as a quick-fix fat reduction device, even without FDA approval of those claims. Since it was laser-based, it was primarily sold to physicians, but the level of training and education was less than satisfactory to the point where most physicians did not understand the entire process. As a result, patients were overpromised and most experienced less than acceptable outcomes. Patients expected to just sit under the light and their fat would be melted away, but that’s not how red light LLLT works. It was not properly impressed upon users that the right diet, a slight amount of exercise to stimulate the lymphatic system, and drinking plenty of water would dramatically improve their results. Additionally, the fact that the red light source on this device was very weak, was positioned away from the patient’s body (measured light energy dissipates at an exponential rate as the distance between the source and the target increases), plus the beam was moving and not focusing on one specific spot, creating a situation where very little light energy was delivered to the fat cells. Since that early version, studies have been performed and a better understanding of the complete process with and the steps that need to be taken to attain acceptable results has helped this segment of the market evolve into a proven and successful modality.

Do red light devices require FDA approval?
No. If the device is safe to operate and cannot cause injury to a patient or technician, the FDA does not have a reason to be involved in the approval or denial of use by any operator or technician wishing to utilize this type of technology. However, any device that makes a specific claim of improving a person’s health or causing a change in human tissue must be approved by the FDA after being part of a clinical study to prove those claims. Clinical studies are expensive, will increase the sales price of the device, and may take years to conclude. The rules set down by the FDA affect the manufacturer of the device, restricting them on how they can advertise and promote their product within the marketplace, but do not have any effect on the operator/owner’s ability to promote the treatment the device delivers. The majority of LLLT devices are not FDA approved and have been utilized in the aesthetics market for many years without negative issues or incidents, particularly in the European market.


Fit Body Light2 Operations

(DISCLAIMER: The Fit Body Light2 System is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or any other condition, and is not intended to affect the structure or function of the body. The product is cosmetic in nature and does not claim to impart any health benefits. The statements below have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.)

Elixa, Ltd.
assumes no liability for the use of this product. Use it responsibly and moderately. Consult with your healthcare provider if you have questions about how it may interact with medications or other treatment modalities.

If you do not press the Red/NIR button, all the LEDs will stay on. We recommend using both red and NIR at the same time for best results, either with constant or pulsed light.

The Fit Body Light2 improves body contouring and shaping along with a healthy lifestyle.

We recommend a treatment protocol of 3 Fit Body Light2 treatments weekly for 3 weeks followed by a tenth in week 4 to gauge results. The treatment time is a mere 10 minutes per treatment area. However, treatments may continue longer as needed to achieve desired results.

A standard 10 minute procedure releases 40-60 grams of fat. The Fit Body Light 2 mobilizes fatty acids and works synergistically with the body’s natural weight loss mechanisms. Free fatty acids burn as fuel for our body.

It is highly recommended to do cardiovascular activity immediately after the treatment to both stimulate the lymphatics further and to engage the muscles to use the free fatty acids as an energy source. Some suggested activities: Whole Body Vibration Platform, Mini-trampoline jumper, Hula Hoop, Jumping Rope or just simply walking at a brisk pace for at least ten minutes.

We also recommend drinking plenty of water following the treatment.

Set realistic expectations, you will lose inches, not pounds.

Be responsible by eating healthy; cut back on carbohydrates, and no fast food after treatment. Avoid eating two hours before and two hours after a treatment but do drink plenty of water.

Get your body moving after the treatment for at least 10 to 30 minutes.

Enjoy the experience! You are becoming healthier every day. This is a lifestyle change, not a magic pill.

Don’t miss your scheduled treatments. (Every other day)


Pregnancy/Lactating/Breast Feeding
Liver/Kidney Disorder
Uncontrolled Hypertension
Severe Thyroid Gland Dysfunction
Cancer/Radiation treatment
Immunosuppressive Disorders
Heart Disease/Cardiac Arrhythmias
Not recommended for individuals under the age of 18


The Fit Body Light2 Body Contouring Lamp has 6 high-power (3W) 660nm (visible red light) and 6 high-power (3W) 850nm (invisible near-Infrared light) which can cover the midsection, or thighs, or buttocks.

*Note: These LEDs will not harm the eyes if you look at them. If you shine the lamp on the face, we recommend using protective eyeshades because of the possibility of heating the eyes. Although rare, exposing the thyroid can also cause some ill effects. We assume no liability for the use of the product.


(DISCLAIMER: The Fit Body Light2 Lamp is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or any other condition, and is not intended to affect the structure or function of the body. The product is cosmetic in nature and does not claim to impart any health benefits. The statements below have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.)



The Fit body Light has a 90 day warranty on parts and labor. This warranty does not cover return S&H.

“I personally guarantee your satisfaction.” Phil Safier, Pres. Elixa, Ltd.

The information provided by ELIXA.COM is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, or course of action. Elixa, Ltd. does not provide specific medical advice, and is not engaged in providing medical or professional services. Use of ELIXA.COM does not replace medical consultations with a qualified health or medical professional to meet the health and medical needs of yourself or a loved one. In addition, while we frequently update the contents of this website, medical information changes rapidly and therefore some information may be out of date. Please check with a physician or health professional if you suspect you are ill. Please review the Terms of Use before using this website. Your use of this website indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.

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