Friendly Colonizer Probiotic Formula with SBOs

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Why you need to take the friendly probiotic bacteria in Friendly Colonizer:

Our intestinal tract is home to trillions of bacteria comprising hundreds of beneficial species. These “friendly” microorganisms are called probiotics, meaning “for life.” That, in fact, expresses exactly their benefit to us, for studies have convincingly shown that they are an essential link in proper health and well-being. Probiotics above all help the body to get more nutrition out of the food we eat.

While few microorganisms are found in the stomach because of its high acidity, their numbers increase dramatically the further down the intestinal tract we go. The greatest numbers and variety are found in the large intestine. When these microbial populations are in balance, we reap the benefits toward optimum health. For instance, friendly microorganisms keep harmful pathogenic species in check. Without sufficient numbers of viable, friendly bacteria, our intestinal ecology is thrown off balance, resulting in a wide range of possible health problems and disease conditions.

Friendly bacteria attach themselves to the intestinal wall and produce a mildly acidic environment (primarily lactic acid) that curbs the growth of harmful, disease-causing bacterial species. Friendly microflora are also essential in nutrient assimilation, producing many important enzymes and increasing the bioavailability of vitamins, particularly the Bs and K, fatty acids, lactase, and calcium. Among other benefits are the strengthening of the immune system, neutralization of toxins, normalization of bowel movements, control of cholesterol, the countering of allergies and skin problems, and theprevention of yeast and fungal infections. In its support of the immune system, probiotics have been used in alleviating chronic fatigue syndrome.

We need to encourage the growth of probiotic flora in our intestines. It must be abundant for proper health. Just as roots are the foundation for the growth of plants, our intestinal tract is the root at the foundation of the health of our whole body. Depleted soil makes for sickly, nutrient-poor plants; depleted intestinal “soil” makes us equally susceptible to sickly health conditions. Today, many influences can ravage our intestinal soil, from poor diet, use of antibiotics, pathogenic contamination, pollutants, to simple, daily stress. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates, adequate protein, vegetables, essential fatty acids, and supported by cultured foods, such as yogurt, miso, or acidophilus milk, promotes friendly microflora. But when our diet cannot support the proper intestinal balance, and adverse conditions threaten it, then probiotic supplements are highly recommended.

Our FRIENDLY COLONIZER is a synergistic formulation in which all ingredients have been chosen for their ability to work together to enhance our intestinal terrain. The foundation for our FRIENDLY COLONIZER are soil-based microorganisms. The availability of beneficial soil-based microorganisms (SBOs) in our diet has been greatly reduced through modern agricultural techniques. SBOs are ingested when we eat fresh, raw, organic plant life grown in rich soils, which is not all that common today. Our SBOs have been selectively breed to produce internally the rich, balanced “soil” that we so often lack. Living soil, teeming with beneficial microorganisms, is the energy field that transmutes nutrients into well-being and longevity.

Our soil-based microorganisms survive stomach acids to reach the intestinal tract, there forming colonies which attach themselves to the intestinal wall.

Within a short period of time, these colonies multiply themselves along the entire length of the intestinal tract and quickly create an environment which bothincreases our ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients from our food and to eliminate putrefying matter and pathogenic organisms. By cleaning up the colon, SBOs enhance the immune system. They not only help eliminate the putrefaction that lodges on the intestinal wall upon which pathogens thrive, but they also aggressively devour pathogenic microbes. This helps relieve the immune system, allowing it to work more efficiently elsewhere in the body. They also stimulate the body to produce large reservoirs of nonspecific antibodies, which the immune system can then use for any number of different conditions. Both disease prevention and healing are the benefits to us.

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