ThoughtStream GSR Biofeedback

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Enhance your Mindfulness Meditation Training. Cultivate relaxed to highly focused states of mind and body integration. Tune your ability to pay close attention to selected tasks Stay calm in difficult or stressful situations. Achieve sustained states of Zen-like mental clarity.

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Package Includes

  • Control console
  • Headphones
  • USB cable
  • Manual
  • Carry case
  • Warranty card
  • Requires 3xAA alkaline cells, not included.

Meditation is Essential

We need calmness to function at our best. But becoming calm in trying situations does not come naturally. All animals have the flight or fight response as survival mechanisms. We can’t and probably shouldn’t try to get rid of it… it comes in handy when you have to cross the street. But we can learn how to keep our anxiousness from consuming us and keeping us from enjoying our lives. We can reduce hyper-vigilance and feel increasingly at peace and in harmony. Many disciplines offer such control. The term Zen has come to mean a calm state in which one does not react to stimuli as threatening. Other types of meditation promise such states of mind. They all aim for some degree of letting go, both mentally by not latching on to each thought that comes to mind and by relaxing physically by becoming aware of bodily tensions and postures that impede the flow of energies.

Biofeedback and Meditation

Another, more technological approach, Biofeedback, coaches us by displaying our emotional stress levels moment to moment. With a surprisingly gentle learning curve, users find it fairly easy to bring their excessively high levels of arousal down into the tranquility zone. Along with the emotional relaxation comes physical ease, including often normalized blood pressure. Biofeedback especially suits those with no desire to spend years in meditation, yoga, taichi, and other disciplines. Just put the hand sensor on and watch the lights on the Walkman-sized control box, or listen to tones in the included headphones, and try to make them change. “Trying” actually misleads since by not trying, tension lessens and the lights and/or sounds lower in color or pitch. Those who have strong loci of internal control can make the lights and sounds go up or down at will. It does not take long to get the hang of it, and once you do, you will have become calmer and less reactive to the stressors of living.

Train your Meditation Muscles

The ThoughtStream uses Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) to measure levels of arousal. As we relax, our skin gets drier and when we get aroused (anxious, angry, agitated, tense, etc), our skin gets wetter. By training this biological response, we can change other habitual responses that we no longer find useful. Phobias respond well to this technique when one learns to maintain the relaxation response in the face of troubling stimuli.

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