Using Mind Machines and HPP MP3s for anxiety, insomnia, depression, etc.


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(DISCLAIMER: The statements below have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Mind machines like the Delight Pro are not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or any other condition and are not intended to affect the structure or function of the body. They are educational in nature and do not claim to impart any health benefits other than those derived from relaxation. CES can change the way you react to medication. If you take prescription drugs, consult with your health care provider.)

The following suggestions can help you get more out of your mind machine. They come from years of personal experience and the reports of others who have benefited from this technology, but each person must evaluate the effects and discover which sessions provide the best results. For instance, persons with ADD, ADHD, etc, may find that slow pulse theta sessions make their condition worse. They should probably avoid theta and stay with the focusing beta sessions until they feel more centered.

These usage suggestions apply to a number of mind machines that use pulsed light, sound, and micro-current Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) to balance neurotransmitters and entrain brain waves. The Delight Pro combines all 3 modalities in one compact system and has more usefulness than any other consumer level device. The Oasis Pro CES produces similar effects, but CES alone does not entrain brain wave rhythms as well as the triple combination of pulsing lights, sounds, and CES. Conversely, light and sound devices (eg Proteus) can entrain brain rhythms but will not balance neurotransmitters as well as CES. While some users will not respond positively to mind machine sessions, most will. Only trying it diligently for a month will tell you if this method works for you.

Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) can balance neurotransmitters that play an important role in our mood, cognition, and general health and well-being. Use the 100 Hz (beats per second) CES setting with the ear clips or adhesive electrodes at least once per day. Think of 100 Hz CES like vitamins. You might not feel an immediate effect, but taking vitamins improves things over time. Similarly, 100 Hz CES improves mood and mind with regular use over time. While this pulse repetition rate may enhance focus and clarity, it will not affect awareness, therefore, you can use it while reading, watching TV, doing chores, etc. For immediate relief of anxiety, try a delta or theta session. It should feel like you’ve taken a sedative. Adjust the current so you feel only a little tingle. High intensity levels can cause skin irritation and even nausea in delta sessions.

Some people will notice better sleep, less anxiety, better focus, and other improvements quickly, while others will experience benefits within 2-3 weeks with regular, consistent use. If you don’t notice positive changes, CES may not help, and you should explore other areas such as nutrition and other organic causes with a comprehensive physical exam and clinical tests. Mind Machines are not panaceas.

If your condition results from neurotransmitter imbalance, CES will help, but not all conditions respond to CES alone. For this reason, we recommend the Delight Pro which combines CES with pulsed light and sound. The combination of pulsed micro-current, light, and sound powerfully entrains brain waves into desired states more than just CES alone. The theta state provides deep rest for stress reduction. Reaching and staying in the theta state requires the power of pulsing lights for most people. Just CES alone or even with entraining audio will probably not cause enough of a shift in brainwave activity to cause one to let go enough to enter the timeless zone of theta. The combination of pulsing lights, sounds, and micro-current stimulation will usually make even the most restless mind shut down into the theta state of total relaxation and receptivity necessary for stress reduction and rescripting that can yield rapid improvements in energy, mood, sleep, and focus. 

At least once a day, preferably when you can use a 30-minute power nap, select one of the deep relaxation/meditation theta programs. Using HPP audio in theta will reprogram the subconscious quickly. Adjust the light level to a pleasant flicker. They don’t have to dazzle to work.

It may take a while to enter the Theta state. After a few minutes, you should start to feel drowsy and unfocused and, ideally, lose awareness. The Delight Pro speeds up at the end of the session to wake you. It should feel as if only about 5 minutes passed. You may feel “fuzzy” for a while. This will pass, but you can do a beta session to clear the cobwebs if needed. If it seems that you did not “go away” during the session, the process will not work. The theta state should feel like a deep, dreamless sleep. You should have no thoughts or sense of time passing. If you do, try a different session on the device. Having too much caffeine in your system will also interfere with entering into theta. Trying to make this happen can prevent the shift into the total effortless theta state… just let go and let it happen. In fact, learning to let go can start the stress reduction ball rolling and usher in deep change.

For improvements in focus and concentration, beta sessions work best. Using the lights will have the most powerful effect but often even the ear clips alone will help. Use them while studying to help focus. After studying, a theta session can help the information sink in.

While children can use the Proteus and the HPP MP3s, those with trouble concentrating and focusing should only use the faster pulses in the attention improvement sessions. After a few weeks of these beta sessions, some of the relaxation sessions with the HPP can help with stress reduction, but it makes sense to continue beta sessions as needed.

You can use mind machines several times a day for the first few weeks to get the best results. As the effects of stress lessen, you will find that you need to use the system less. It will stay useful for occasional tune-ups, power naps, creativity boosts, etc.

The HPP sessions will sneak up on you. After using them for several rotations, you will find that your reactions and behaviors have started to change automatically. Things that previously upset you will not, and that may amaze you the first few times it happens. You may notice that you no longer feel anxious and that may surprise you since nothing has changed externally. The problems and issues that bugged you no longer have the same effect. So what changed? Answer: your chemistry, your stress levels, your subconscious programming… you have changed, automatically, effortlessly, permanently.

By entering into the Theta state, your body and mind get a chance to relax deeply, possibly for the first time. When your thoughts stop and you really let go, your nervous system can calm down and stop working overtime. When this deep, timeless, stressless relaxation happens, a number of things change for the better. First, you get essential rest which restores your energy reserves and allows recuperation to take place. Secondly, you learn to let go and relinquish the obsessive, exhausting need to control everything. Thirdly, using the HPP reprogramming audio, the underlying operating instructions of your subconscious begin to change from negative and self-limiting to positive and empowering.

After using and selling this technology for over 20 years and seeing the beneficial results in myself and getting positive feedback from many happy users, I can say with confidence that no other method, at any price, works as well or as fast to improve mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being.

These techniques work if you use them. They may seem a bit strange or even scary at first, but perseverance furthers. Keep at it. Give it at least 2 weeks of regular use before you decide that it doesn’t work. Remember that the opposite of depression is not happiness but vitality. You may not always feel blissful, but you can feel more resilient and able to deal with challenges with a greater sense of hope and inner strength. Lasting changes can happen effortlessly. You only have to let it.

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