Fulvonic Liquid Minerals

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70-plus Organic Fulvic Ionic Minerals.  Bioavailable natural nutrients for energy, immunity and focus. 7 drops a day for fast results!


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Unless you eat lots of fruits and vegetables grown on very rich soil, you need fulvic ionic minerals (fulvic acid) to get the missing pieces of the nutrition puzzle, the essential electrolytes, the most needed and yet the hardest to get.

For optimal health and a strong immune system, we must maintain proper levels of minerals and trace elements. A small daily amount of fulvic hydrophilic colloidal minerals promotes optimal health by providing the electrical energy needed to recharge the body’s cellular batteries. Fulvic shale provides a perfect source of fulvic electrolytes containing an abundance of minerals and trace elements.

The miracle molecules of Fulvonic Ionic Minerals allow our bodies to use vitamins and Organically Complexed Ionic Trace Minerals.

You will feel the difference in a short time.

Tested by independent laboratories:

Our supplier mines and processes this product in the US and has it tested regularly and rigorously for mineral content, fulvic acid content, amino acid content, plate counts and heavy metals. Each test is conducted by an independent laboratory for honest and accurate results. Many companies can claim to provide fulvic minerals, but don’t back up their product with independent analysis.

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