Fit Body Light Flexible Wrap for fat loss, pain, accelerated healing

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Flexible pad with gentle yet effective Red 660 nm and Near-Infrared 850 nm LED lights cause fat cells to release their contents resulting in the loss of several inches over 10 painless, relaxing 10-20 minute sessions.

Useful for pain relief, accelerated healing, skin toning, hair loss, and all the other benefits of red light.
Comes with universal power supply and rechargeable battery pack that sticks to the pad so you do not have to remain tethered to wall outlet!

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For a limited time, we include the HPP 4 MP3 set Inside/Outside which programs the subconscious to think, feel, and act in ways that promote your desired shape. Now shipping but limited supply.

Flexible pad (53”x8” wool and lycra fabric) with 300 combination bright Red 660nm and Near-infrared 850nm LEDs in a 4″x18″ area. Comes with universal 110-240V AC power supply, rechargeable lithium battery pack, and velcro straps. Rugged construction. Washable clear vinyl cover over LEDs. Wraps around waist, legs, arms. Lightweight. Hands-free operation. Portable. Produces some heat to enhance the weight-loss and pain-reduction effects.

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Gentle red 660 nm and near-infrared 850 nm LED light cause fat cells to release their contents resulting in the loss of several inches over 10 painless, relaxing 10 minute sessions. We have reports from a local chiropractic clinic of up to 8″ of midsection loss!

The Fit Body Light Fat Loss System has rugged construction. It comes with both a standard AC power supply and a rechargeable battery pack that allows you to wear the pad wherever you like!. It has a 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

The 53” x 8” flexible pad covers the midsection and will also wrap around other body parts. It has an illuminated area of 4″ x 19″

 Red and near-infrared light for inch-loss:

With the recommended ten 10 minute sessions, moderate exercise, sensible diet and hydration, the Fit Body Light can easily be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle program of diet and exercise.

Since red light also accelerates healing, relieves pain, tones the skin, and even promotes hair regrowth, the Fit Body Light has many uses beyond body sculpting! 

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