Elixa has many products that can help people of all ages improve their ability to concentrate, learn, create, and cope. We have simple yet powerful light and sound brainwave synchronizers that act like training wheels for the mind. Click here for a simple training procedure that you can do with most Light/Sound (L/S) devices.

You can also consider biofeedback/neurofeedback devices like the WaveRider which use a few connections to the scalp and your PC. The easy-to-use software tells you when you’ve reached the desired state of mind and the effects last and become second nature with time. We hope that more parents and educators will try these non-invasive approaches before resorting to drugs.

Click here to read the  article “Being in Control. The Role of Biofeedback in Controlling ADD” by Jason Alster, MSc  who found that using GSR (see ThoughtStream) relaxation training helped students diagnosed with ADD when he began viewing the condition as stress-related.

Consider this information from  J. of Neurotherapy, 2(2):8-13, 1997. Click here to read full paper.

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