Elixa retirement notice


“To everything, there is a season.”
3 decades of producing cutting-edge health products and information on natural methods of attaining optimal well-being have come to an end.

Elixa, Ltd. will stop selling new products as of 12/16/2022 in order to pursue a career in retirement.
We will continue to maintain our website as an ongoing source of natural health information and referrals as well as used gear, old stock, etc.
Information on the products we have sold will remain on display with links to suppliers.
We will continue to honor product warranties in a reasonable manner, typically by referring you to our suppliers.
We appreciate the positive feedback we have received through the decades of bringing effective and affordable tools for self-care.
We intend to remain available for consultation and conversation.
We wish you optimal health and strong spirits.

Phil & Arlene Safier

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