Countertop Water Distiller

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Reliable High Quality Distiller with stainless steel boiling chamber, dome, and coils. Produces 1 gallon of  99.9% pure drinking water in approx. 5 hours.

While store-bought distilled water will usually make excellent Colloidal Silver, having your own distiller eliminates the plastic contamination. We highly recommend drinking distilled water!


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The human body contains approximately 70% water. It is essential to virtually every bodily function. Water powers digestion and absorption, transports nutrients, serves as the medium for chemical processes, and acts as a solvent for wastes and aids in their excretion from the body.  It also cushions the body’s cells.  For good health, it is important to have a clean, contaminant-free water supply.

Unfortunately, waste products of human and industrial activities seriously threaten the quality of our drinking water.

This water distiller produces drinking water in its purest form, eliminating all types of bacteria, viruses, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, radon, and other contaminants.  This distiller makes very pure distilled water at a reasonable price.

Why we recommend drinking distilled water:

– The purity eliminates chemicals and other contaminants, eg bacteria, viruses, heavy metals (silver is not a heavy metal), etc.

– It eliminates unwanted substances from the body.

– It does not leach minerals from bones. We get minerals from food, not water. The minerals in water are not bio-available. Since much food lacks minerals, we recommend using Fulvic Minerals.

-For a more extensive discussion of this topic, see “BLOWING THE LID OFF DISTILLED WATER MYTHS” by Joe Letorney, Jr.

– According to Dr. Weil, “As far as acidity goes, distilled water is close to a neutral pH and has no effect on the body’s acid/base balance. Distilled water is safe to drink, and the kind of water I use myself.”

When making colloidal silver using the distilled water from this unit, we get almost no buildup on the electrodes, whereas store-bought distilled water usually produces a large amount of unwanted residue. This demonstrates the high purity of the water produced by this system.

Note: Store-bought distilled water usually* makes excellent Colloidal Silver, but if you store it, transfer it into glass or high-quality plastic containers. The cheap plastic bottles from the store will leach into the distilled water over time. Not only will this cause the Silvonic Pro to shut off quickly, but it will contaminate the CS!

*We include the EC-3 meter with the Silvonic Pro CS Generator so you can check the water before using. Take it to the store and check the distilled water before bringing it home!

(Available in various electrical voltage specifications to accommodate all customer requirements from different countries.)

Full 1-year warranty covering parts and labor.

Optional glass collection bottle available instead of the high-quality plastic one which will not leach into the water.

This distiller will outlast the Love distillers and other cheaper brands. It has an excellent track record and strong warranties. It takes an extra hour or so longer to make a gallon than the Love 4, but it makes less noise and does not rust or fail.

(We once carried the Love 4 Distiller but had too many problems with them and their US distributor. The MEGAHOME™ brand has a real warranty and no problems. Don’t be fooled by low prices!)

Package Includes

  • Water distiller.
  • Detachable power cord.
  • Condenser top.
  • Residue cleaner, 250g (8oz.). (Cheap white vinegar works well.)
  • 6 carbon filter packs.
  • Polycarbonate bottle (for collection, storage, or transport).

Performance may vary depending on water temperature, electrical current, humidity, room temperature, and other factors. You do not have to clean the inside of the heating vessel after every use. Depending on the mineralization of the source water, you can make 5 to 10 or more gallons between cleanings. Once you have used up the supplied cleaner, cheap white vinegar works well.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Water Distiller

Water Distiller 110V US/Can $199, Distiller US/Can with Glass Container $244, Carbon Filter 12 pack $12.95, Glass Collection Bottle $44.95, Water Distiller 220-230V Eur $219, Water Distiller 220-240V UK $219

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