Oasis Pro CES + tDCS (Transcranial Direct Cranial Stimulation)

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Microcurrent Cranial Electrostim. “Acupuncture without needles.” Advanced, compact, effective for balancing neurotransmitters, fast relaxation, focus, mood, and more. Simple to use.



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When a DC current is applied over the scalp with the intention of altering neuronal activity, it is known as transcranial DC stimulation ( tDCS) and has been found to be effective in modulating spontaneous neuronal firing. Implementing tDCS at intensities of 1 milliamp applied for roughly 10 minutes has been shown to either excite or inhibit the sensori-motor cortex, with the effects lasting over an hour. Excitation is achieved by anodal (+) stimulation, while inhibition is achieved by cathodal (-) stimulation. Anodal stimulation has also been shown to increase both beta and gamma activity in the visual cortex, while cathodal stimulation has decreased beta and gamma activity.Stimulation is generated by putting a wet cloth, cotton ball or sponge on the scalp over the brain region to be treated and a sponge or cotton ball on the shoulder or the face.The tDCS sessions deliver a maximum intensity of 2.35 milliamps at DC. tDCS is being used for the treatment of many conditions, including depression.

CAUTION: tDCS is very powerful and if applied incorrectly, can result in negative side effects. Therefore, the sessions for tDCS will only be released to those qualified and trained in tDCS use and practice.


The Oasis Pro CES  (Cranial ElectroStim) device delivers an adjustable tingle to your earlobes that balances your nervous system so you feel at ease and capable of working, playing, meditating, focusing, or sleeping whenever and wherever you like. By simply selecting one of 7 rhythms and the session length, you can get a general tune-up at 100hz or drop into a zone for specific purposes. After using the Oasis Pro for a week or two, you should feel more balanced, alert, happier, and productive.

In addition to optimizing brain wave activity andbalancing neurotransmitters that affect mood, alertness, focus, and behavior, The Oasis Pro also functions as a pain reliever for sore muscles and joints with the optional adhesive electrode pads (MET kit). When applied the right spots, micro-current electrical stimulation speeds healing and evenzaps parasites.

Expected Results with CES: Although individual levels of improvement may vary, medical research reveals dramatic improvements in mental functioning including: Deep Relaxation, Improved Memory,Mental Clarity, Mood Elevation, Improved Learning, Sound Sleep, Increased Concentration, Increased Vitality, Reduction of Psychosomatic Conditions, Assisting Substance Abuse Recovery

The Oasis Pro monitors and adjusts the intensity of the stimulation 1000 times per second to ensure consistent and comfortable stimulation. Throughout the entire session, it checks the electrode connections and automatically make the necessary adjustments. All sessions are pre-timed so your CESta will turn off when your session is complete.

Oasis Pro CES includes:

  • Control unit
  • Carrying case
  • Earclip electrodes
  • 4 Adhesive electrodes (for micro-current pain relief, zapping, etc)
  • 9v battery
  • User’s manual

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


Oasis Pro – Serial Number
Stimulus cable with ear clips
Storage Bag
9-Volt Alkaline Battery
Oasis Pro Operator’s Manual

MET Probe Kit
tDCS Kit
DAVID Session Editor



Get comfortable CES and MET can run for up to 3 hours at a time. Sessions can be run while relaxing or during light activity such as reading, walking, listening to music or working at a computer. Connect power Insert a 9V battery. Follow the diagram inside the battery compartment. Connect the ear clips Remove any metal jewelry from your ears. Wet your earlobes with tap water, saliva or a tiny amount of conductive gel and attach the clips: black to left ear, red to right ear. Connect the ear clip cable to the CES jack ( ) on the side of the device. Turn on the Oasis Pro Push and hold until the power light comes on. The number LEDs will display the battery level before displaying the last session used. Select a session length Tap to select a session length (the top row of icons): 20 minutes, 45 minutes, or 3 hours. User Designed is empty by default. Select a session Tap the INT or to highlight a session number. The frequency of the highlighted session is displayed on the icons. Tap to start the session. The number will blink to confirm the selection. See the list of sessions for information (page 9). Adjust the intensity The Oasis Pro will check your connection (page 6). As soon as the graph clears, you can increase the intensity by tapping or holding INT . Adjust the intensity until the pulses can just barely be felt. Relax and enjoy The Oasis Pro will automatically shut off when the session completes.

The Oasis Pro has four (4) standard session groups (20 minute , 45 minute , 3 hour , and user designed ). Each group offers eight (8) sessions. The session number is indicated by the lit number between the intensity and select controls. If no number is lit, then the group has no sessions programmed into it. Press and release the power button ( ) to switch between groups. The lit group icon will change. Press the INT or to highlight a session number. If no sessions are available in a group, no numbers will be lit. The frequency and mode icons associated with the session light up to indicate what frequency range and CES pulse type will be used. Press the select button ( ) to start the highlighted session. The session number will flash and the session will begin after a five (5) second delay.

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