Silver is A Broad Spectrum Anti-Viral: An MD’s Report.

“Silver is A Broad Spectrum Anti-Viral” MD Report (Click to read the full paper)
NOTE: The author states that you can make Colloidal Silver with a 9-Volt battery, silver coins, and tap water. While this will work in an emergency (bad CS is better than no CS at all), the solution will have large (not nano) particles and unwanted compounds that may cause problems over time. It also will not work as well as properly made CS and should not be used in a nebulizer or injected.

Summary: Silver has been understood from antiquity to have anti-infective properties. In our time, various silver-based preparations and formulations are commonly employed as wound dressings, as a treatment for topical infections, and for water purification. The antifungal, anti-protozoal, and broad-spectrum anti-bacterial properties
of silver have been well-researched and documented in medical studies. Somewhat more recently the broad-spectrum antiviral activity of silver has become more widely recognized and documented. This review will examine the peer-reviewed medical literature relating to the anti-viral properties of silver with specific attention paid to anti-viral activity of silver against enveloped viruses and, in light of the recent COVID-19 viral pandemic, what studies may be available specifically concerning the activity of silver against
In summary, silver is well-documented in the peer-reviewed medical literature to be a broad-spectrum anti-viral. Silver is also a broad-spectrum anti-bacterial. Two in-vitro studies have documented the activity of silver against animal coronaviruses. In the current context of COVID-19 spread, it is urgent and imperative that health researchers and authorities examine the in-vitro and in-vivo activity of silver against this novel coronavirus.
Colloidal silver used appropriately and reasonably, has a track record of years of safe use. Colloidal silver with particle sizes identical to those showing activity in the medical literature may be generated cheaply and easily through electrolysis (The Silvonic Pro Automatic CS Generator and Silvonic Turbo Automatic CS Generator CS Generators use an advanced electrolysis technique.)
While one should not provide false hope, one is also and perhaps more culpable, for failing to disclose a reasonable hope. While Colloidal silver may or may not be effective against COVID-19, the cited research provides a reasonable expectation of its effectiveness, and studies need to be performed asap. Colloidal silver has a track record of safe use, costs a dollar or less per eight-ounce glass, and can be made quickly by unskilled users.
Similarly, other known modalities of dealing with viral infections should have a place in one’s arsenal. Eg, H2O2, iodine, D3, high-dose Vitamin C, Red light therapy, ozone, blood electrification, etc.