Silvonic Turbo Automatic Nano-particle Colloidal Silver Generator

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Protect yourself with the purest, highest potency, bioavailable Nano-particle Ionic Colloidal Silver (CS).
The Silvonic Turbo makes 1/2 gallon of 10 ppm CS in 3-4 hours. All the features and convenience of our best-selling Silvonic Pro but with longer rods and higher power.
The Silvonic Turbo CS Generator automatically makes clear 10 ppm CS for pennies per ounce using constant current. You can increase the strength with the push of a button. The CS made with our Silvonics retains its potency for years and will not degrade when exposed to light (the proof of nanoparticle size). 99.99% (“Four 9”) pure silver rods make around 200 gallons of fresh, pure, potent CS. We sell replacement sets, but any 10 or 12 gauge silver rod will work.
You can make other metal colloids with the Silvonic, but meters will not measure the strength. See our instructions on making Colloidal Copper in tabs below.
Made in USA. Lifetime Warranty on Control Unit.


The Silvonic Turbo CS Generator comes with everything you need except a 1/2 gallon jar* and distilled water.
*At least 8″ tall.
We now include 1 CS Ointment Kit with every Turbo order.

Purchase an extra pair of 14″ Silver Rods for $89, although the pair that comes with the Silvonic Turbo will make around 200 gallons of 10 ppm CS, so you probably don’t need another pair.

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How to protect yourself and family from the Coronavirus and other threats.
Drink Colloidal Silver daily, spray it topically, and, best of all, breathe CS and protect your sinuses and lungs with one of our portable nebulizers, the Mini for $59, or the MistaSilver deluxe model on sale for $79.
Watch our Youtube video demonstrating the nebulizers.
At the first sign of infection, put some 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in ears while lying on side. Let it "sizzle" and do the other ear when it stops.
Take 10,000 IU D3 (with K2 preferably)
Drink ozonated water and breathe ozonated air.
Watch this 5 minute video: Heat your nose and sinuses with a blow dryer!
NOTE: No one can say whether or not a particular method will protect against the Novel Corona Virus with absolute certainty, but we know that Colloidal Silver kills almost every known pathogenic bacteria, virus, fungus, and mold on contact. Do not take our opinions as medical advice, but our products will cause no harm if used wisely, and they may prevent or lessen the effects of various biological agents.

Additional components


Completely goof-proof! You cannot make a bad batch. The Silvonic Turbo shuts itself off when it reaches the desired strength. No need to watch it, stir it, clean or rotate electrodes. Just set it and forget it. Verify the potency with the included EC-3 meter even after months or years of storage.

Buy with confidence: Secure order processing. Privacy guaranteed. Fast shipping. 30-day money back* no-hassle returns. Stellar customer service and support since 1988. *Less 15%. See Terms of Use for details of return policy and warranties.



Colloidal silver acts as a powerful, natural antimicrobial that kills most bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Used regularly, it helps prevent infections and lessens their severity and duration. Research at Rice University shows that ions of silver (not uncharged particles) suffocate pathogenic organisms by disabling the enzyme needed to use oxygen. Fortunately, silver ions have no negative effects on the enzymes we need nor on any other aspect of human function.

This page has some excellent info on Colloidal Silver

While you can buy Colloidal Silver in stores and on-line, why pay as much as $5 per ounce for solutions of unknown quality and potency when you can easily make your own fresh for pennies per ounce? You control the strength and know exactly what it has in it (distilled water and pure silver). And it requires no skill or monitoring to make it properly, automatically with the Silvonic Pro CS Generator. We have eliminated all the guess work and made it impossible to ruin a batch. The Silvonic Turbo will not work if you have “bad” water (with over 12 ppm*) and shuts itself off when it reaches the optimal strength. You can make it as strong as you like with the program button. Each push adds 2 Parts Per Million (ppm) to the normal shut-off point of 12 ppm. We include an accurate EC-3 Continuity Meter to test your distilled water. It also comes in handy if you’ve stored your CS and want to check its potency months or years later.
*By shifting the device into manual mode  (see instructions), it will put silver into any liquid but the resulting CS will not have optimal particle size.

The Silvonic Turbo makes the same high-quality Ionic Colloidal Silver as the Silvonic Pro but will make 64-ounce batches instead of 16 0unces. It has 14″ rods and more powerful circuitry. It has all the features and functions of the Silvonic Pro.

You will need a jar that has a depth of at least 7.5”. A half-gallon jar works best. You can make a gallon at a time but should apply a little heat* so the water moves enough to keep particle size optimal. *For best results, keep the water moving by applying a small amount of heat at the bottom or side of the jar. We have a heated base for this purpose.

The CS made by the Silvonic Turbo will have little to no color, will not degrade when exposed to light (the proof of nano-particle size), and will retain its strength for years when stored properly, ideally in glass at room temperature. With the included EC-3 meter, you can always check the strength of the CS.

Colloidal or Ionic? All Colloidal Silver consists of ions and particles in varying ratios. Research at Rice University shows that only silver ions kill micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and that the uncharged particles do not. While some sources argue that silver ions become inactivated when they come into contact with stomach acids and salts in the body, no clinical research demonstrates that this happens. We know from extensive use in the field that Ionic/Colloidal Silver works when used in a timely fashion and in sufficient quantity. As we also know that properly made CS has no negative effects, it makes sense that, when needed, one should use CS liberally and often. Consider this, if CS had any side effects, eg turning users blue, with hundreds of thousands of regular users of CS, wouldn’t we have seen many Smurfs by now? Research even indicates that CS increases the effectiveness of antibiotics!

The Silvonic Turbo produces a colloidal solution with around 85% silver ions, single atoms minus an electron, less than 0.0003 microns in diameter (1 micron = 0.001 millimeters). Faster CS generators cannot make consistent nanoparticles. Join the Slow Silver Movement! It takes longer to make it right. Don’t hurry and don’t worry.

The Silvonic Turbo works best in 64 ounce (1/2 gallon) batches but can make up to a gallon of CS. Large batches will benefit from a small amount of heat to keep the water moving. It can take 4-5 hours to make 64 oz of 10 ppm CS due to ultra-low current used to produce ultra-small nano-size particles with the highest ratio of positively charged ions to particles. Gallon batches will take much longer. The automatic shut-off feature means that you cannot ruin a batch! Just set it and forget it.

Makes up to 1 gallon/4 liters.
The Silvonic Turbo uses the SWAP method of switching the polarity of the rods every 5 minutes and this change in direction of electrical flow creates enough motion in the water to prevent agglomeration or clumping of the nanoparticles. This advanced SWAP technique does not work in batches over a gallon. For the very best results when making a gallon or more at a time, place a heat source, eg a desk lamp, next to the jar.

To speed up the process, heat the water (no hotter than 100° F)  and/or add some previously made CS to bring the initial meter reading up to about 004.  For best results, make a half-gallon (64 ounces/2 L) at a time. Although CS keeps indefinitely, it probably works best when fresh.

Our rods have a U shape for 2 important reasons: 1. You can get twice as much silver into a small container than with straight rods. 2. Sharp edges and ends in the water produce large particles. You will need a jar that has a depth of at least 7.5”. A half-gallon jar works best.

Each pair of 14″ rods will make around 200 gallons. We sell replacement sets for $75 here, but any 10 or 12 gauge silver rod will work.

You can make other metal colloids like copper and gold with the Silvonic, but meters will not measure the strength.

The Silvonic Turbo Colloidal Silver Generator makes the highest quality Nanoparticle Ionic Colloidal Silver using 99.99% pure silver electrodes. It has variable strength PPM (Parts Per Million) settings and shuts itself off automatically when it reaches the desired strength. Using the SWAP method that alternates the current (AC), the electrodes will have very little build-up, wear evenly, and the water needs no stirring for batches 1 gallon and under.

You will get consistently excellent Colloidal Silver every time because the Silvonic Turbo monitors the amount of silver in the water. You can check your water for purity too with the included digital tester. It runs on just about any power!

This CS generator uses the most advanced circuitry available to the home brewer. The SWAP AC method produces the smallest size (.001 micron range) silver particles and the most ions. It also detects the concentration of silver in solution and automatically stops at the target PPM. While you do not need a meter to make excellent CS, we provide one with our Silvonic Pro Turbo kit. Use it to check your distilled water as well as the final result. NOTE: Most distilled water in stores works well with the Silvonic Turbo, but you should always test it before making CS. If it has more than about 3 PPM, it will not make the best CS. If you can’t find acceptable distilled water, consider getting one of our countertop distillers. We also recommend transferring the distilled water from the plastic container into a glass container if storing it. Distilled water leaches plastic over time except for some high-quality plastics.

We recommend 5-15 PPM CS for best results. Nano-particle CS works better than stronger solutions which typically have larger particles. Instead of making stronger CS, just take more 5-15PPM. Topical uses like CS ointment can use 15-25 PPM CS. High PPM CS (over 20 ppm) usually known as “Mild Silver Protein” has overly large particle sizes and typically uses an egg protein (casein) to keep them in suspension.

Why you should have a meter:
In order to make CS with the smallest particles, the water should have no minerals or other contaminants. While the Silvonic Turbo lets you know if your water has an unacceptable level of minerals by shutting off quickly, the EC-3 conductivity meter shows the quality of your water*. You should also check your CS strength with a meter so that it does not exceed 15 PPM for internal use. We recommend 5-15 PPM for the best particle size and ionic content.
*Note: The meter shows the presence of conductive ions. It can read 0 and the water can still have non-conductive particles that may show up as black gunk. If this happens, try another batch of distilled water. Also, make sure that the glass container used to make the CS has no built-up deposits. Occasionally scrub the jar well and rinse with distilled water. Do not store distilled water or CS in plastic unless of high-quality like PETE, etc.

With the two included 14″, 12 gauge, U-shaped, 99.99% pure silver rods, the Silvonic Turbo can produce around 200 gallons of 10 ppm CS. We sell replacement rod sets, but you really don’t need them because you probably will never need to make 200 gallons!

Colloidal Silver Tips

  • Store distilled in glass to prevent plastic leaching
  • Rinse containers with distilled water… not soap etc
  • Good CS is clear and will not discolor in light. Good to store CS in brown bottles but not absolutely necessary with the Silvonic Turbo.
  • Store at room temp.
  • Around 10 µS/ppm works best internally.
  • Diluting stronger yellow CS does not work as well as clear 10 ppm.
  • Use CS daily (about 1 oz) to kill mouth bacteria (for teeth, gums, heart) and bolster the immune system. When challenged use a lot (several ounces every hour for as long as needed).
  • Hold in mouth for several minutes to absorb.
  • Use a Nebulizer to get CS directly into the lungs. It protects the lungs and gets into the bloodstream quickly. Relieves allergy symptoms immediately.
  • Irrigate sinuses with CS at the first hint of a cold or allergies.
  • Spray on cuts, in eyes, on the scalp. Soak feet. Use as a deodorant.
  • Add CS to your pet’s water.
  • Disinfect counters, food, water. Spray on meat to kill MRSA, see
  • The purer the water (000 µS), the better the CS.
  • CS turbocharges antibiotics. While we avoid using antibiotics, if you must take them on doctor’s orders, use CS too and they’ll work better. Take probiotics too, especially once you’ve finished the course of antibiotics.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Combo Discounts

Silvonic Turbo CS Generator $295, Silvonic Turbo CS Generator + Ointment Kit $315


The Silvonic Pro kit contains:

1 Control unit with programming button to select automatic or manual mode and strength.

1 Universal 110-240V AC power supply with 24V DC output.

1 Auxiliary power cable for use with batteries or other power supplies (AC or DC 12 – 36V).

2 14″ U-shaped 12 gauge 99.99% pure silver rods which can make around 200 gallons of 10 ppm nano Colloidal Silver (CS).

1 EC-3 meter which measures conductivity in microsiemens (µS). 1 µS ≈ 1 ppm in colloidal silver strength.

Lifetime Warranty on Control Unit Parts and Labor (S&H not covered)

Made in USA!

Constant-Current and Constant-Voltage method for making the highest quality Ionic/Colloidal Silver Hydrosol with almost any power source (12-36V DC batteries or 110-240V AC power). Fully automatic.
These units ease nano-size colloidal particles and positively charged silver ions into distilled water at a highly controlled rate. The resulting Silver Colloid and Ionic Solution (Silver Hydrosol) is very pure, stable and clear. It is NOT light sensitive, which proves that it contains only nano-size particles. Silvonic Turbo CS has approximately 85% ions and 15% particles.

The Silvonic Turbo uses DC surface mount Integrated Chip Logic Technology to control the process and shuts itself down automatically when done. It uses a conductivity referencing circuit that continuously monitors the water electronically. Timers alone simply cannot work. The SWAP method eliminates build-up on the electrodes and the need for stirring.

Each unit is individually machined and hand assembled from rugged heavy-duty PVC and pre-tested for performance.

Power Requirements:
The Silvonic Turbo works with any power source from 12 to 36 volts AC or DC. Polarity issues are resolved by the internal circuitry. A 12- 24V solar cell array/battery charger for cell phone, cordless drill, video camera, batteries (up to 3 car batteries in series, or 2-4 nine volt batteries plugged into each other will work. Only the process time will vary.



IMPORTANT:  The Silvonic Turbo Automatic Colloidal Silver Maker switches off when it detects sufficient electrical conductivity (around 12 μS/ppm). If you use water that contains minerals, the green/red LED will shut off quickly. Check the conductivity of the water first with the EC-3 meter. Distilled water (or deionized or reverse osmosis) should read 0-3 μS (microsiemens). Subtract the starting μS from the final reading after the CS sits for an hour or so to determine strength* (NOTE: 001 μS ≈1 ppm in CS strength, 010 μS ≈ 10 ppm, etc)

The Silvonic Turbo kit contains:
1 Control unit with programming button that adds brewing time to increase strength.

1 Universal 110-240V AC power supply with 24V DC output.

1 Auxiliary power cable for use with 24-36 V DC (Polarity does not matter).

2 14” 12 gauge 99.99% pure silver rods which can make around 200 gallons of 10 ppm Colloidal Silver (CS).

1 EC-3 meter. Measures conductivity in microsiemens (μS symbol at right of numbers, no decimal place!)

To operate: Fill a glass container with up to 1 gallon of distilled water with a conductivity reading of approximately 0-3 μS about 1/2” below the top of the jar to cover as much of the electrodes as possible without touching the electrode sockets. Do not press the program button. Run until right LED shuts off. To restart, disconnect from power, wait 5 seconds and reconnect.

During automatic SWAP operation, the right LED light will stay green for 5 minutes, then red for 5 minutes, green for 5 minutes, and so on, showing the change in electrode polarity. Once the system detects enough silver ions, it shuts off. LED brightness indicates current flow. With very pure water, the green light may look dim at first. This SWAP mode makes the electrodes wear evenly and prevents the build-up of (harmless) silver hydroxide deposits.

Several hours after brewing, CS will stabilize and the meter reading may change. If you want it stronger, restart the batch.*
*Making stronger CS: Once the process starts, you can add time to the process by briefly (less than a second) pressing the programming button. Each button press adds about 2 μS/64 oz. The yellow LED will flash and then stay on, indicating that it has accepted the programming. It stays on until the CS reaches the automatic shut-off point of around 12 μS/ppm, at which point it will flash the number of times the button was pushed. This countdown continues until shut-off. The green/red LED will still cycle. Check CS strength with the EC-3 meter.

Note: Particle size matters more than ppm. Nano-particle CS with a high ratio of ions works better than stronger CS with larger particles. Instead of trying to make stronger CS, use more 5-15 ppm CS. When in doubt, take more. When you need it, you can’t take too much, only too little. Meters only approximate CS strength. Do not get hung up on ppm! Nano-particle CS will have little to no color and will not discolor when exposed to light.

Electrode care: Lightly wipe the rods clean with a cloth if you see much build-up. Do not scrub or use a cleaner or polish. They do not have to look shiny to work. The purer the water, the less build-up on the rods.

Direct Current (DC) Mode: To make structured water* or to make CS with “bad” water, press the button at any time for at least 5 seconds. In DC mode, the yellow LED stays off and the green/red LED stays green.

*Instructions on how to make structured water. (Scroll down)

Using the Silvonic Turbo with other power sources: Connect the auxiliary power cable’s clips to any source of 24-36 volts AC or DC. Polarity does not matter. You cannot hook it up wrong. For example, 3 or 4 nine volt batteries hooked together in series as in the photo below*, solar panels, 2 automobile batteries, etc.

Troubleshooting: Problems usually come from using bad water (always check it with the meter to make sure it reads 000-003 μS). Store distilled water in glass, not plastic to prevent leaching.

Quick test and reset: Disconnect from power. Rotate silver rods so they touch. Keeping them in contact (you won’t get a shock), connect power and watch the light. It should come on for a few seconds and shut off. If not, contact us for help before sending it back. We will repair or replace the Silvonic as necessary at no charge to you as long as it has not sustained water damage or other abuse. Note: We do not cover shipping costs.

Insert the electrodes as shown firmly with longer leg in each socket. Make them parallel to each other. Bend as needed. Do not press programming button for normal operation.

Align rods parallel.

Using the auxiliary power cable: The Silvonic needs 12-36V to operate.

Connecting 2-4 9V batteries together will create 18-36V. Polarity of the cable does not matter.

As shown in the photo, push the positive pole into the negative on one battery and the negative into the positive pole of another, etc.


Brewing time depends on the temperature and purity of the water. The colder and purer the water, the longer it takes to brew. A 1 gallon batch can take 8 hours or longer to complete. To speed up the process, heat the water (up to 100° F) in glass (not metal). Keep it warm by painting or applying dark tape to one side of the container and exposing to sun or a nearby light (eg, desk lamp).

Since it takes 3-4 hours for a gallon of cold distilled water to reach around 4-5 μS, adding some previously made CS will eliminate several hours of brew time. Once made, you can pour off a quart of CS, add back a quart of distilled water and restart the batch. Repeat as desired. This will save time but take more work.

Color: Ideally clear to slightly yellow. Various environmental factors and contaminants can make CS turn colors.
Note: Distilled water may read 000 and still have non-conductive particles which can produce color and residue. Store distilled water in glass containers to avoid leaching plastic which can affect CS quality.

If the glass brewing jar has a build up of deposited silver, it can affect the process and produce a yellow CS even at 10 ppm. Clean the jar thoroughly and rinse with distilled water.

Storage: Do not refrigerate, freeze, or heat above 100°F or so. CS will stay potent and stable for a long time (months) but works best when used fresh. Check the CS with the EC-3 meter to see if has retained its potency. Exposure to light will not harm properly brewed CS. Store in a non-metal container. We prefer glass, but good quality plastic works too (recyclable #1 “PETE”).



Warranty & Dislaimer

LIFETIME WARRANTY: If the Silvonic Pro CS Generator control unit ever fails, we will repair or replace it for the original owner. (Void if back opened, physically damaged by moisture or misuse. S&H not covered. The Lifetime Warranty applies only to the Silvonic Pro control unit itself, not the EC-3 meter, power supply, etc)

Before sending it back, contact us for help. The Silvonic Pro seldom fails unless physically damaged.

We only process your order when the item(s) are in stock and ready to ship. Our 30 day money-back guarantee* ensures your satisfaction and our support guarantees your success.

“I personally guarantee your satisfaction.” Phil Safier, Pres. Elixa, Ltd.
* When we receive your return in excellent condition, we will issue a refund less 15%. You are responsible for return S&H and we do not refund the initial S&H charge. We will deduct for damaged/missing/worn items. No returns accepted for CDs/MP3s, nutrients, or consumables.

The information provided by ELIXA.COM is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, or course of action. Elixa, Ltd. does not provide specific medical advice, and is not engaged in providing medical or professional services. Use of ELIXA.COM does not replace medical consultations with a qualified health or medical professional to meet the health and medical needs of yourself or a loved one. In addition, while we frequently update the contents of this website, medical information changes rapidly and therefore some information may be out of date. Please check with a physician or health professional if you suspect you are ill. Please review the Terms of Use before using this website. Your use of this website indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.


Colloidal Silver Testimonials

The following letters and messages came from users of Elixa’s Colloidal Silver Generators who had such powerful experiences with our products that they wrote to us to tell their stories.

Note: Elixa has sold various CS generators since the 1990s, so some of these testimonials refer to earlier versions before the advent of the Silvonic Pro, the most advanced automatic CS generator yet.

The actual effect of Colloidal silver on Candida
I am a skeptic by nature, nevertheless, I am also open minded and my natural curiosity, along with hundreds of years of documented history related to colloidal silver, convinced me to investigate further what I presumed would ultimately result in a complete waste of time.

For many years my dear wife has suffered almost constantly from vaginal candida, such that just about every month our GP felt obliged to prescribe antibiotics, she was also apprehensive but ultimately felt she was left with no alternative.

We were conscious of the fact that one should avoid antibiotics except in the most extreme circumstances. In my wife’s case the effect was such that her quality of life had become almost intolerable and so she was obliged to follow the GPs instructions and take one course after another. The relief was only ever of a temporary nature, just a few days of relief and then the irritation, burning and incontinence would return.

Finally, following my profound investigation and against my better judgment, I purchased a colloidal silver generator from Elixa. The machine duly arrived and I began the process of producing my own supply – rather than pay the high prices charged by health stores, not only that but I wanted to be sure that we had a fresh supply and that it was of the strength we felt was required.

Initially, my wife refused to apply the CS topically and we simply drank one ounce every morning and evening. Following a couple of weeks, during which nothing had happened, I referred our experience back to the supplier and was pleased to have precise instructions on how to use the product.

Following another two month period of antibiotics, my wife finally and reluctantly agreed to undertake a trial in accordance with the instructions we had received.

We obtained a pocket atomizer sprayer and I filled it with CS that I had produced using ‘Acqua purificata’, which has a reading of 0 ppm.

The generator took approximately four hours to produce a half litre of 14 ppm CS which I felt for the initial period should be increased to at least 30 ppm for topical application. Just a few hours more and it was ready for the trial.

It was only a matter of days before we began to feel that there was a definite improvement in my wife’s condition.

Now, six months later, I can unequivocally state that my wife has been completely free of candida for the entire period. The coincidence is too strong to even consider that there might be an alternative reason for her incredible situation.

Thank you Aristotle and all those over the centuries who have experimented and succeeded as we have.

Thank you also to Phil Safier of Elixa Ltd, USA for providing the important confirmation on how to correctly employ CS in our case and for producing what is a well designed and constructed generator.

Quite incredible that the medical profession refuses to suggest to their patients what is a certain cure for Candida; no doubt those in the ‘business’, based on the Hippocratic oath, immediately employ CS for their own use and that of their close friends and family, in the certain knowledge that a cure is secured and that chemical antibiotics can be avoided.

Geoffrey, Czech Republic.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service. For me, the Silvonic is a must-have, and I have at least three other friends that have bought due to my referral, and more that are still taking about buying. It is reliable service such as you have provided for me today that will keep me referring others for years to come.

“I recently had some problems using the Silvonic Pro which I’ve had for several months.
I wrote to Elixa for comments or suggestions and immediately received an answer giving me helpful suggestions as a quick test to do. They also gave me the option to return my Silvonic if it still had problems.
I did the test and it went well. It now works properly.
I want to say that I really appreciate receiving a quick answer in this matter. I’m glad to see how serious you are about after the sale support. It gives customers having confidence in yours products.” — Lucie, Quebec, Canada

“I have the CS-300 colloidal silver maker and keep colloidal silver on hand and use it fairly frequently. My son had to call in sick to work one night, (he stocks shelves at Walmart). Before he had gone to work that night, he had stopped at a local fast food restaurant, and within a couple hours, became violently ill with food poisoning. I gave him 1/2 cup of colloidal silver and 1 tsp. of Oreganol, waited one half hour, and repeated the process. Within an hour and a half, he felt well again, called his supervisor at Walmart and asked him if he could come to work since he was better. He went back into work and put in the remaining 6 hours of his work shift.”

“I have a friend whose little girl got the chicken pox. She had the bumps allover her body and face, but they had not opened yet into open sores, except for one inside her mouth which had opened up and was extremely painful. My friend called me on the phone, with her 6 year old daughter screaming and crying—(which I could hear in the background) while we were on the phone. I drove over to her place with the colloidal silver and told the little girl to swish the colloidal silver in her mouth.  She did,  and I timed it for 6 minutes,  and then had her spit the colloidal silver out.  She looked at her mom, smiled, and said, “Mom, it doesn’t hurt anymore”.  So my friend and I took cotton balls,  and dipped them in the colloidal silver,  and applied the colloidal silver topically over her entire body on all the raised bumps.  As a result,  the chicken pox bumps were all gone by the next morning,  and they never did get a chance to become open sores as normally occurs in chicken pox.  My friend talked to the other mothers of children who came down with chicken pox that week in her daughter’s class at school,  and every one of those children’s chicken pox had developed open chicken pox sores.”

“Colloidal silver is antiviral and antibacterial, and it works.  I use colloidal silver, about 1 tablespoon in every pound of hamburger to kill possible e-coli,  and also use the same amount in every marinade for meat, chicken or fish.  I also add a little to potato salad  and in the final rinse of raw vegetables as a safety precaution.”

Denita C.

“Hi, I’ve ordered so many ointment kits from you and you have been so wonderful wanted to share this with you….  the following was posted on the message board I always read.”

Elixa=awesome service
Wed Jun 30, 2004 20:28

“When I took the battery out of my unit, the positive battery connector broke. I emailed Elixa with my problem, two days later, I received a brand new unit in the mail (before I even shipped the other one back) Wow! ”

“I also want to share w/you that I had been making colloidal silver ointment for our boys in Iraq. They have written me telling me how much they appreciated it. I thank you for having the wonderful supplies to make it.”

“Thought I would share this with you as well.  My son in law who got the anthrax vaccine was the only one in his platoon that did not get sick,  because he took colloidal silver a week before taking it and week afterwards.”


“I have been using your QuikSilver 47 Colloidal Silver generator for a couple of years now, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  We use colloidal silver for everything from cat scratches to more serious ailments, and we have had wonderful results.  When I started providing it to my husband’s employees, absenteeism due to illness dropped considerably.  You are performing a great and positive service for mankind.
My question:  Do you offer distributorships?  I live in Sedona, AZ, and there are a lot of colloidal silver believers here.  (That’s how I learned about it in the first place.)  There is no place locally where one can purchase a colloidal silver generator, and I can’t help but think that there’s a seriously untapped market here.  I have provided colloidal silver free to my friends, relatives, and employees, who might not otherwise be able to keep sufficient amounts on hand due to the high cost of purchasing a small amount at retail stores.  I know that many of these people, and others, would be interested in owning their own colloidal silver generators.  We have a large elderly population, and many don’t have online access, but would probably purchase a generator if they could obtain it locally.
Again, thank you so very much.  The QuikSilver 47 has been a blessing to us.”
Fond regards,
Lucia W.
Sedona AZ

“Hi, Phil! I have your colloidal silver you have more testimonials, I give a friend some and he has sugar he now feels better and his doctor said he is doing better.”


“The testimonies keep pouring in….my sister had been plagued with gum infections….Colloidal silver made with your machines zapped those boils in 24 hours!! Unbelievable….but believe it!  Colds & flu symptoms seem to disappear.
Blepharitis….here’s a comparison….when I didn’t know about colloidal silver…. went to eye Dr.   1st rx given….caused severe headache…. 2nd rx took 2 weeks to clear it up….2nd bout  had  learned about  Colloidal Silver cleared it up in   3 DAYS!!!  That was 4 years ago…no more incidents since then.
Sinusitis…. just  a couple snorts throughout the day…..symptom-free.
Burns??    Get that silver on it asap….and ‘fugeddaboudit!!’
I’ll  never stop singing the praises of colloidal silver….
And to think…I used to purchase 4 oz for $28.50 …until I found out about your machines.   Thanks to chiropractor Dr. Ron for sharing your website with me almost 6 years ago.”
Warm regards
Jeanie Thompson

“I had what seemed to be an ear infection in the works; I thought I had a brain tumor the discomfort was so bad ! Used an eyedropper w/the colloidal silver and it went away.”

“Within 6 hours, I began to notice an improvement. The next day I was able to go out of the house on business but still needed aspirin and the colloidal silver drops.
The following day it was completely gone !!!!!
I am soooooo happy and painfree.”
Susan M.
Plainfield, Il

It’s been AGES since I’ve ordered from you. My little colloidal silver generator just keeps working, right along.  AGES ago I offered a testimonial for your website – please know that I’m happy to give an update – if you or Phil would want it. Colloidal silver continues to be my miracle worker in my battle against autoimmune disease symptoms. The Behcet’s Disease I battled for so long has stayed in remission as long as I continue to sip colloidal silver 2 times a day. EVERY once in awhile I am foolish and decide to test my immunity. If I stop taking colloidal silver before long, the mouth sores start to ‘bloom’ down along my jawline (that’s what I call it – I can feel them forming).
ANYWAY – it’s time for me to order another set or two of the electrodes and one more kit to make the gel.
Take Care!”
Conne D. in Wichita.

“Just wanted to pop a quick note to thank you for getting the CS Generator to me as well as for actually offering such a great product in the first place.
Honestly, I took a chance on Alain’s word that this product worked, and worked fast, and being the skeptic I am I was only hopeful yet not 100% sold that this colloidal silver ‘stuff,’ lol, would be all it’s cracked up to be.
Well, between the distilled water I started now making at home a week ago (yes, Alain again, haha), and the colloidal silver, which I’ve been using for 3 days only and been on a regiment of one ounce 4 times daily (according to my TDS meter is 5 ppm, but Alain’s calculations put it at 34 ppm, yet only a very light hue of yellow after an hour batch at the lowest amperage setting in 250 ml of distilled water), I feel really, really GREAT!!
And I must say… I have not felt THIS GREAT in a very very long time !!  My energy level is amazing (felt as soon as 4 hours after the first dose), and my 24/7 365 days a year allergies are already significantly reduced.  And whether one or the other has affected a terrible bout of hemorrhoids/fissures that I’ve had ongoing for about 8 months I don’t really care…….. because I feel GREAT !!  Sure, I repeated GREAT more than once and I could probably just keep repeating it many more, simply because I don’t know how else to describe it.
So thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with this (here it comes……) GREAT opportunity at feeling so………… GREAT !!”
Respectfully & Appreciatively,
Greg S.

“I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for the most fantastic documentation regarding the effectiveness, usage of and making of colloidal silver I’VE EVER SEEN.  I am a nurse and started using it back in 1995; I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING PREVENT ILLNESS/HEAL MEDICAL PROBLEMS like colloidal silver, especially when suspended with chelated minerals.  Almost immediately after I started using it (had hysterical allergic reactions to ?? whoknowswhat THAT WERE almost GONE after just a couple of days!), I had all 6 of my kids, my husband, all our pets and everybody I cared about on the stuff!  I used to purchase it through an MLM (EOLA) which had very excellent products but crap for the ‘top dogs’ in term of managing the company’s assets.  They went ‘belly-up’ and those of us whose lives had been changed significantly for the better suffered immensely.
But, I’d like to bring you to my situation today:  I’ve had debilitating “fibromyalgia” for a decade or more now.  I’ve lost my careers of nursing and teaching to it.  From where I sit, that “syndrome” just means “we really don’t know what causes you to have these symptoms….”  (That’s better than, “you poor hormonal, crazy woman… it’s all in your head,.” which is what I used to get!) I’m thinking I want to mega-dose myself on colloidal silver that I’ve been making at home (btw, THANKS FOR THE LABORATORY ADDRESSES for testing my own stuff!  I’ll be contacting them!)  I know your documentation states that we can’t “prove” the positive effects (on every “patient”) when silver is ingested, but I BELIEVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY in the stuff.  I do want to be very careful that my homemade brew (from 99.998% [I think] pure silver probes, distilled water and NORMAL SALINE which I will STOP USING IMMEDIATELY upon reading your research findings!  Thanx!!!) is the “consistency” of what it needs to be.  I am leery of toxic/ heavy metal poisoning.”
If you have any good news about Colloidal Silver treating SYSTEMIC FUNGAL INFECTION (which I’m beginning to believe might REALLY be what “fibromyalgia”, at least “my” fibromyalgia, is), I’d so appreciate your direction.”
Thanks again, SO VERY MUCH, for a very intelligent documentation of colloidal silver.  I’m always ‘fighting’ with ignorant people who use “the blue guys” as PROOF that colloidal silver is bad… these arguments coming, of course, from people who will eat pharmaceutical poisons without thinking twice!!!!!  Wow.”
Daria G.
Republic WA

“My left thigh began to burn over the course of about a week. It became so bad that I had to wear short pants because I could not stand having fabric touch my skin! A sore with pustules appeared above my knee. Since this had all the signs of a herpes/shingles outbreak, I started to think about ways to treat it.
I read another report about using Colloidal Silver where the person took lots of colloidal silver and got rid of it. I immediately drank about 4 ounces and continued that for 3 days. By the third day, I noticed that my thigh no longer hurt.
I also mixed Oregano Oil with DMSO and rubbed it on my spine from the tailbone up to the 12th rib. It seems that if the virus stays dormant there and activates with stress, getting the oil into that area should eliminate the problem.
The pain cleared up completely in about 4 days. The sores went away in about a week. So far (about 4 months) I have had no other symptoms.”
P.S. in NM

“I can remember when I first read Colloidal Silver praises online; the testimonials were endless. Now, after almost four years of continuous use of colloidal silver, my endorsement for this product is just as strong.”
My health issues are always autoimmune inflammatory-related issues. Most drugs (both prescription and OTC) for inflammation carry many possibilities of negative side-effects. Not so with colloidal silver.”
Colloidal silver is a versatile product. I sip it for general inflammation control, use it to rinse sinuses and drops for my eyes. It works great on any kind of skin scratch, blotch or rash. I use it all the times on my cats and dogs to clean their eyes and ears. They know it doesn’t hurt and don’t resist at all.”
But the best part  about CS is Elixa’s owners, Phil and Arlene Safier. They know their products. They are always accessible and respond to my questions quickly in terms that are clear and easy to understand. It’s so reassuring to know I can rely on them to help me find what works best for me. You just can’t ask any more than that of an online product source.”

Conne D., Wichita, KS

6/4/2003 –
“I received a generator from you not too long ago and began using it overtime last week when I realized I had a case of shingles! They began clearing up so quickly when I started consuming 8 oz. of CS a day and putting CS ointment on them. I am so grateful that I had the equipment to make it all!”
CZ in Denver, CO

February 25, 2003
“After 2 surgeries on my lower back I have been forced to sleep on either side, tossing and turning constantly, now, thanks to the Comfortaire Bed, I can sleep on my back again.”
Ben P.

February 25, 2003
“Colloidal Silver was a surprise to me. I got it for a chronic sinus condition and found it did wonders for an inflammatory disease I’ve had for years. I’ve been taking it for about a month and feel so very much better.”
For years I’ve been told, “Your tests are normal, you don’t have an infection” for many different conditions. I avoid steroids and there are very few meds that treat the causes of inflammations. There are many drugs to treat the random and varied symptoms of inflammatory diseases and most of those drugs are not very good. I’m so grateful to have some energy.”
Conne D., Wichita

June 19, 2002
“I have a spinal cord injury (SCI). Searching the web I have found very little on the benefits of Colloidal Silver (CS) on the neurology aspect. I make my own CS using Canadian Maple Leaf coins, six-volt power supply, an air pump, and a VOM to measure current. I do add salt to achieve about .002 amps of current.
June 27th, 1998, I was run over by an automobile and this is the cause of my SCI. The main thing I suffered from, that I noticed, was my right ankle was in bad shape, in constant pain. I had emergency surgery done on that foot. I experienced pain in this foot daily. Doctors could not (or would not) stop the pain.
I spent the entire summer of 2001 in pain. I didn’t do much but sit all day. Shortly after 9/11 I heard about CS. I started drinking about 2 oz twice a day. After about two months of CS my neck started freeing. Then I started drinking about 20 oz a day. I am pretty much pain-free. Some symptoms are gone, as in problems urinating. Being a surveyor, I think that I may have had Lyme’s disease. I always thought it was a heat rash. But whatever it was is gone now. One side effect of pain is obviously sleep problems. I was lethargic most of the time. This was corrected with CS.
About three weeks ago I stopped drinking the CS. A couple of weeks go by without any problems. In the third week I started experiencing bad symptoms from my injury. Clonus in my left arm and spasticity in my neck was the worse of all. I guess it means I will be quadriplegic. I restarted drinking the CS and will not stop as long as I can feed myself. The difference is night and day.
In my opinion, if you have nothing to lose, drink as much CS as you deem fit. It will take away the pain and give you back some of your normal life. It’s a doctor in a bottle.
Gary L.

I have already purchased my CS-300B Colloidal Silver Generator and am most pleased with having it here. I have given your name to several friends who have come begging for CS and told them of the great deal you offer.
I can attest to the many healing properties of Colloidal Silver. I have used it on myself, my dogs, cats and horses! All with spectacular results. I can give you specific instances: I had a staph infection under my fingernail that despite 2 operations and 3 months of antibiotics that would not heal. One overnight soaking with a cotton ball full of CS and it opened, drained and was completely healed in a few days.
Our Setter (English) was horribly attacked by a pack of Rottweilers – over 300 bites and one wound required 80 stitches to close. He developed a gangrenous type infection in one of the bite sites and the vet had really given up al hope that the dog could survive the severity of the attack.  I began infusing CS into the wounds and given him a couple of teaspoons to drink daily and he recovered in no time.
We use it on cuts that our horses get on the legs when playing and getting into to trouble – in no time the cuts are scabbed over and healed without a scar.”
I drink it every day and am now using it in my jet nebulizer taking the vapors directly into my lungs. I have a rare form of genetic emphysema that is quite severe. My docs and nurses shake their heads when they listen to my lungs and hear how well they are working! Need I say more?”
Some say the placebo effect is responsible for the “cures” of CS – how do you explain it in all of our animals?”
In Good Health,
Darcy D.
Bruington, VA.

From a Dog Owner 7/00:
“I use it for multiple things for myself but have a use I bet you have not heard of. I use it once a week on my dog’s teeth. I have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and one of their health problems which could be mitral valve disease. Dental plaque has been proven to exacerbate this problem, if not cause it.”
“Their gums looked like a person’s gums who has gingivitis. In varying degrees, depending on the dog they were from slightly swollen and inflamed to mild bleeding. Gums look better after one application. With just a couple of treatments on a weekly interval, all gums are tremendously improved.”
Dawn C.

…And More From Another Happy User

“When I heard about all the things that colloidal silver could do for me and my body, I knew that it was something that I wanted to try. Then I saw what the industry was charging per ounce–I immediately bought the CS-300B Colloidal Silver maker.”
“If a common cold is caught in the early stages, colloidal silver will knock it right out. My semi-annual bout with allergies was cut to a week this fall instead of the usual month to month and a half as a result of taking colloidal silver. The very act of taking colloidal silver and holding it or swishing it in my mouth has decreased my periodontal “pockets”.
“I could go on and on about the minor miracles that I have personally witnessed as a result of friends taking colloidal silver.”
“A note of warning: If you buy a CS-300 colloidal silver maker and you tell your friends about colloidal silver, you will be making it for them. On the upside: your credibility with your friends will immediately increase!!!”
S. P.
Alexandria, VA

From a (Now) Happy User Who Had a Skin Rash
“I’ve seen amazing results from the Colloid Silver.”
“About ten years ago a guy I know – he suffered from a weird rash on his back and chest – slept in my bed for a few days when I was out of town – unbeknowest to me. I slept in the bed for a few days, wondering why it smelled so bad, until my roomate returned from his own trip and told me what had happened. About two months later I came down with a rash on my back and on my chest?!?! It wasn’t as bad as his had been – in fact you could barely see it – but it was utterly miserable during hot days. My flesh would crawl. I tried everything to get rid of it, including a fortune’s worth of Gold Bond powder.”
”The only thing that worked was a prescription ointment called Bactorban, but it costs a fortune to cover yourself with that stuff once, let alone several times per day! I’ve applied the Colloid Silver to my body every day for two weeks, and now the rash is gone and my skin has a wonderful, healthy, cleanliness to it that I’ve never known.”

“I just wanted to let you know what the colloidal silver has done in my household.”
“Last summer, I had an inner ear infection, the kind that gets you to spinning, fever, pain etc. Normally you cannot get rid of this unless you are on antibiotics. I took about 1 oz.of the silver water 2-3 times a day and also put it in my ear, and within 6 days it was totally gone.”
“I actually had finally made an appointment with a Dr. (which is a drastic measure for me) and then canceled it because I didn’t need it.”
“Also, I recently had the symptoms of Bronchitis and again took the silver (1 oz. 2 times a day) and it left. I had severe bronchitis 4 years ago so I knew exactly how it felt, and it never left me til I went to the Dr. and got on antibiotics.”
“My husband, daughter and I all three have had toothaches and swollen gums, and after swishing a mouthful of the silver water twice a day, and taking a Q-tip saturated with the silver water and putting that on the infected area the pain and swelling went away overnight.”
‘We really appreciate the courteous and special help you have been to us.”

Mary Smith (yes, it’s real!)

“Well, I bought your CS300D and I am very pleased with the colloidal silver it produces. I made up a few samples and sent them to B. B. to test. He was impressed and wanted to know how I made it.”
“It is nice to buy something important like that which operates the way you want it to.”
“I’ve been reading on the silver list that theFDA is cracking down on colloidal silver. I hope it doesn’t effect you at all.”
“I’ve been telling people to get one of your devices, my in-laws should have ordered one from you by now.”
Thanks so much,
Gordon H

Dermatitis Herpetiform is skin rash gone!
“I no longer have symptoms of Dermatitis Herpetiformis, an allergy to gluten in grain flours. No more blistering and itching on my arms and legs. Rubbing the small red bumps on my hands and wrists with colloidal silver cream has removed them completely. That’s right, colloidal silver is fantastic. I no longer need to take cold and sinus medications.”
Fred W.


Please read the instructions carefully before calling us. We have never seen a Silvonic malfunction. Problems usually come from using bad water (always check it with the meter), using too much water (over 32 oz) without stirring, pressing the program button at the wrong time, etc.

Quick test and reset for Silvonic CS generators:

Disconnect from power. Rotate silver rods so they touch. Keeping them in contact (you won’t get a shock), connect power and watch the light. It should come on for a few seconds and shut off. If not, contact us for help.

Quick test and reset for previous Silvonic models:

Disconnect from power. (If your devices has switches, set them to Auto/SWAP). Connect the 2 alligator clips together.  Keeping them in contact, connect the device to power and watch the light. It should come on for a few seconds and shut off. If not, contact us for help. (If your devices has switches, move them back and forth several times and try again. If the problem persists, contact us for help.)

If you want to send the Silvonic back for us to check, send it to the address below. We will will repair or replace the Silvonic as necessary at no charge to you. Note: We do not cover shipping costs.

“The light comes on and then goes off when I put the rods in the water.” 

The water has too many impurities. Try another brand of distilled water. Check it with your EC-3 meter.

“I hook it up to a 9V battery and the light doesn’t come on when I touch the output leads together.”

It takes a minimum of 12V to run in auto-shut-off mode.

“I used a different AC power supply and it doesn’t work although the plug seems to fit.”

Even though the plug may seem to fit, it may have a different size inner hole and will not make an electrical connection.

“The CS turns yellow.”

 You made it stronger than 15 ppm. It still works but clear CS works better internally. Use the yellow stuff topically on cuts, burns, athlete’s foot, dandruff, etc. Some distilled water, even though it reads 000 on the TDS meter, still has impurities that can affect the quality of the CS, making it turn yellow. It still works, but you should try another brand of water.

When buying distilled water in plastic jugs, always transfer into glass containers to prevent leaching which will contaminate the water and cause problems.

Clean the glass jar thoroughly and rinse well with distilled water. Build-up can cause problems.

Metering Colloidal Silver

Tech talk on TDS, PPM and meters (why we use the EC-3 Conductivity Meter):

Note: The EC-3 meter which comes with the Silvonic Pro Kit reads in Microsiemens of Conductivity (uS) which equals Parts Per Million (ppm) of silver when measuring colloidal silver solutions. TDS meters do not read accurately when measuring colloidal silver. See below.

All hand held PWT/TDS/PPM meters work the same way. They actually measure conductivity not PPM. They are simply not the same thing.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meters measure conductivity but then convert that measurement to an estimated PPM (parts per million) using water industry standard tables for dissolved salts (NaCl in this case). Since Ionic/Colloidal Silver is not a mineral salt, it behaves differently and requires a different technique for measuring strength.

When checking water, TDS meters give a good approximation of purity. However, when checking Colloidal Silver made with pure distilled water the reading should be doubled. If a TDS meter reads 10, it actually shows about 20 PPM of colloidal silver.

Due to range and resolution limitations, when measuring colloidal silver with a TDS  meter you should also allow for an error factor of at least +/- 10% . So for example 10 on the TDS meter could be as high as 22 PPM or as low as 18 PPM of colloidal when doubled.

Meters such as the Hanna PWT, the HM Digital EC3 and COM-100 read out directly in Microsiemens of Conductivity (uS). The COM100 also reads out in 3 different scenarios for PPM depending on the suspected dominant mineral salt content.
Colloidal Silver water is NOT salt water.

To get a good idea of what the PPM is in CS, use 1uS = ~1 PPM.
Concentrations over the saturation point of Ionic Silver in water [~ 10 PPM ] will progressively and variably form more and more non-conductive “particles” accounting for some of the difference between Faraday Equation Prediction vs Conductivity Monitoring.
Beyond around 25 PPM in silver water a meter reading will have considerable slew towards the low side and a batch may never register more than 30 uS the day after it’s done even though it may really be 50+ PPM

This method has been checked against samples tested by an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer at a range average of 12 PPM at 85% readable ionic, but not at 20+ uS.

Making colloidal Copper

Using the Silvonic Pro to make Colloidal Copper. (with thanks to Ode.)
Go to the hardware store and get a foot or so of #12 [12 gauge] copper house wire (typically 99.9% pure).
Make the electrodes about 6 to 7 inches long.
Insert them into the generator sockets.
Plug in the generator.
Wait 3 seconds and press the programming button for around 24 hours for a quart.
Pinch the ends of the copper wires together to short the generator and trigger the program. The Yellow LED will start blinking. [each blink = 1 hour to go]
Place the generator with electrodes in distilled water. (Note: Copper does not produce Ions,and thus does not register on meters. It has no taste or color. A laser pointer will show only that you have put copper into the water… not its strength.
Do not mix silver and copper as copper will pull every trace of both out of the water and drop it to the bottom as a black fuzz.

It is also a good idea to use a jar other than your silver batch jar to make copper.
Be aware that, because both copper and silver use Selenium to control these metals levels, internal consumption of too much copper can be toxic and may alter your ability to eliminate silver. Selenium supplementation may be advisable. (But don’t over do that as too much Selenium is quite toxic.)

Copper is often a component in skin cremes as it helps build collagen.

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