LED Light therapy and Colloidal Silver: The New Energetic Healing Synergy

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Brooks Bradley’s Research

Recently, a rather serendipitous occurrence revealed a possible synergistic effect through the combination of CS and LED protocols…..utilized simultaneously. During a recent evaluation of protocols directed toward alleviating the problems of long-term, persistent, sinus/upper throat insults, one of our researchers experienced some unexpected success—-from combining CS mist inhalation and LED exposure. The most interesting factor being the nature of the LED array application.

During earlier experiments, it had been determined that LED exposure (especially in the 660 to 680 nm range) resulted in very pronounced control of upper throat pathogens. Exposure times as short as 5 minutes, directed through the open mouth (using 5 element, 3500 mcd LEDs), achieved immediate and marked relief—in an impressive number (75%) of cases……across the entire age spectrum from 25 to 83 years of age. However, the success rate/degree was much less (25%) involving cases of deep-seated sinus insults from pathogenic/allergenic complications. Principally, because of the difficulty experienced in directly illuminating the insulted tissue.

The protocol adjustment resulting in a most pronounced improvement in frontal sinus infections/complications, sprang from the simple application of a 15 element LED array (1.5″ X 3″ in area) being held against the skin surface—first on one side directly adjacent to the nose for 5 to 10 minutes; followed immediately by a repetition on the other side of the nose. The geometry is somewhat difficult to explain without a drawing, but imagine placing the array in such a manner to rest one corner on the middle of the bridge of the nose (addressed from the side) then repeating for the other side. The array should be placed with the long side in the horizontal(3.5″ X 1.5 “) extending away from the nose—-keeping the array below the eye. The soft-tissue is penetrated quite well and we believe the bony structures may be providing some unanticipated diffusion benefits.

The throat area was treated in two ways: First, after a thorough misting, with the mouth fully open, a 5 element (circular) LED array was used to directly expose the back of the mouth/tonsil area…..for 5 minutes. The front edge of the array was allowed to rest on top of the lower front teeth. As the subject experienced saliva generation they were instructed to swallow—without closing their mouth. This had the added advantage of, momentarily, changing the geometry of the tonsil area to give an increased exposure.

The most dramatic results accrued from the application of the 15 element LED array on the “outside” of the throat area (from just below the jaw bone, downward). Prior to using this modification, we had only conjectured as to a possible benefit from such an arrangement. Afterward, we conducted some soft-tissue penetration tests using 3500 to 6000 mcd LEDs. Even the 3500 mcd bulbs yielded >.5″ penetration.

We are, at present, conducting tests to determine the minimum power LED that will yield positive results under similar conditions. A single Laser Pointer unit was tested with some, but much reduced effectiveness . This, combined protocol, yielded positive control over some very pernicious—long-standing—frontal sinus insults.

Some of you may care to conduct your own experiments along these lines.


Brooks Bradley

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