Hazel Parcells Shares Her Secrets of Longevity (Hazel lived to 106!)


Special Focus on Longevity
Alternative Medicine Digest; Issue #8

“You, too, can live to be 100!”

Hazell Parcells shares Her Secrets of Longevity (Hazel lived to 106!)

At 105, the Grande Dame of alternative medicine shows you how to be healthy in an unhealthy world and live past 100.

If you want living proof that alternative medicine not only can help you regain your health but will help you live a very long time, Dr. Hazel Parcells is your best example. If anyone deserves the title, “Grande Dame of Alternative Medicine,” at age 105 it is the immaculately well-preserved Dr. Parcells. And if anyone is interested in living longer, better, with greater health and quality of life, they should give Dr. Parcells’ prescription for longevity and robust health their undivided attention.

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LONG-LIFE SECRET: Heal Yourself with Magnetic Fields.

Many years ago Dr. Parcells developed a therapeutic bed called a Relaxing Unit that uses magnetic field energy to provide relief for numerous conditions. The unit consists of a table into which electrical coils have been placed, and a positive/negative current switch; the unit itself is plugged into the wall socket. The positive and negative currents generate magnetic fields which stimulate healing.

Say you have hyperactivity, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, hyper-anything; spend 20-30 minutes on the Relaxing Unit in the positive field. This will reduce the “field charge” (or “hyper” quality) in your body. Then spend the same amount of time lying in the negative field to rebuild body energy. Or say you’re exhausted; spend 20 minutes in the negative electrical field. The unit is already used by both physicians and patients alike and is available for approximately $1500.

So, perhaps one way to live to be 105 is to almost die when you’re 40, and, not dying, to totally redo the way you eat, live, and think. That’s what Hazel Parcells did back in 1929 when she was diagnosed with incurable tuberculosis with heart and kidney complications.

She had spent her life, like so many others of her generation, dependent on and trusting in the advice of conventional physicians, yet now they had abandoned her as untreatable. They gave her a bottle of useless tablets, warning her she could drop dead any minute and waved her goodbye.

But something in Parcells, at the time she was a typical middle-aged housewife managing a beauty salon in Walsenburg, Colorado-rebelled and she resolved to find her way out of illness back into health. “This was probably the most fortunate moment in my life,” Parcells explains today, “for I realized that I had to do something and not depend on accepted forms of healing. I had to seek my own way.”

Perhaps she overdid it because here she is at 105 sporting the complexion, energy level, wit, and mental acuity of a woman easily 60 years younger. Add to this the modesty, charm, and wisdom of old age and you have an extraordinary healer who inspires everyone younger than she that the secret to long life is at hand. With medical degrees in naturopathy and chiropractic (and two Ph. D.s, one in nutrition, the other in religion), Dr. Parcells has been the director, since 1947, of the Parcells’ System of Scientific Living, based in Sapello and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Through this effort, she has treated, educated, and inspired thousands with the secrets of long life. “I have been using these methods in my own kitchen and in my research and teaching for 30 years and there has never been an unsatisfactory reaction of any kind, to my knowledge.”

1) Preserve the Life Energy in Foods

It all begins with correct nutrition, or what Dr. Parcells calls the mastery of kitchen chemistry. “I was just an ordinary human being with very little information about anything, except that I knew our food was important,” says Dr. Parcells. She spent many years researching, studying, and experimenting, using herself as prime guinea pig. Today, her own longevity is her most outstanding result.

Her first line of inquiry, when she decided she wasn’t going to die, was the life energy in foods; she would use this to rebuild her ill body. Bear in mind that unlike today, back in 1930s’ America, information on natural healing and alternative medicine was found only after diligent research.

As she healed her lungs, heart, and kidneys, she came to appreciate how crucial is the electromagnetic energy in foods. “In fact, I learned that this electromagnetic energy is life itself.” She also learned that it is necessary to carefully preserve this life energy through correct methods of food preparation, combination, and cooking. For Dr. Parcells, “correct” means scientific, so she devised unique ways of actually measuring the energy values of foods, body organs, and states of wellness and illness. Then she calculated how to match these 3 factors to optimize health.

“This system allows us to determine consistently at what energy rate our bodies are functioning,” says Dr. Parcells. “I have learned that when the body is restored to its normal functional rate of [electromagnetic] energy, there is no illness.”

In the 1950s, Dr. Parcells worked with about 75 doctors and their patients at Sierra States University in Los Angeles, California, where she was the head of the Nutrition Department. She studied nutrition intensively, examining how each person’s biochemistry responds differently to the same food nutrients. She recorded the energy rates of a person before eating specific foods, then the changes in their energy flow every hour afterwards, to see how well that person’s digestive system actually handled the specific food. “If the energy is lowered following intake, the food is not fulfilling its mission, but if the energy remains unchanged, the food is supporting the life force at its present level,” Dr. Parcells explains.

Using this approach. she was able to record all the changes in a person’s electromagnetic energy in response to specific foods. This is the key to scientific nutrition, correct eating, and longevity because it tells you directly what to eat and avoid. You no longer burden your body (or make it ill) with the wrong foods and energies. For Dr. Parcells, one secret to longevity and healing is this: keep the energy of foods intact so your body can get its full benefit of the health-giving vitality in foods.

LONG-LIFE SECRET: Eat and Cook Smart

Food combining is crucially important. Don’t combine two kinds of flesh foods in a single meal, such as fish and chicken. Don’t mix dairy with flesh proteins. Don’t serve meat, fish, poultry, or other flesh foods with grain starches such as bread, pastries, cereals, dried beans, or pasta. Starch foods such as potatoes, rice, or millet may be served with proteins if you also include a green leafy salad in the meal.

Use virgin olive oil for cooking. Keep up your intake of pure sea salt; this can normalize both highs and lows in your blood sugar. Avoid all aluminum products in cooking and stay with stainless steel, Corning ware, iron, or glass. Don’t boil your foods; cook them, preferably by steaming, at the lowest possible temperature; avoid pressure cookers as they rob foods of nutrients.

2) Correct the Energy in Your Cells

Health and illness take place at the cellular level of your body. Contrary to accepted medical belief, Dr. Parcells states that all degenerative conditions develop when the cells are chemically alkaline. She discovered this, literally, in the field, while investigating unproductive farm soils. She studied soil so chemicalized that even B pesticides could no longer curb the crop pests. The soil was dead. When she restored it to a normal acid-alkaline balance, the bugs and bacteria disappeared. Dr. Parcells observed the same relationship between alkalinity and disease in animals.

This led her to conclude that “all of our decaying substances and deteriorating conditions take place in a highly alkaline state.” In fact, the body of a person who is chronically tired and sleepy is overly alkaline and will age quickly, but when the cells in a body are more acid, the person ages less quickly and has “more pep and drive.”

This means another key to healing and lasting health is to change your cellular environment by restoring its acid-alkaline balance. Introduce more acidity to the cells-in other words, use nutrition to alter the internal environment of the person-and you can control and eliminate degenerative conditions and illness, says Dr. Parcells. The easiest way to make this change is to become scientific (and practical) about how and what you, as a biochemically unique person, eat. Better living through chemistry, quips Dr. Parcells.

LONG-LIFE SECRET: Cleanse Your Cells

“Cleanse the body; give it the right building materials and nature will heal and build,” says Dr. Parcells. She developed the “Formula X Broth Cleansing Program” as a way of cleaning pollutants out of cell tissues. In this program, you drink 8 ounces of one kind of fresh, unsweetened juice (alternating grapefruit, apple, tomato, and sauerkraut) every hour for 12 hours a day for 8 days. In addition, you take Dr. Parcells’ special Formula X Broth (made of 6 high-acid dried herbs) and a mild herbal laxative. Otherwise you eat or drink nothing else. “If you do this every 6 months, along with a bowel cleanout program, you’ll have no health problems,” Dr. Parcell states.

LONG-LIFE SECRET: Energize Your Drinking Water

According to Dr. Parcells’ research, distilled water is energetically dead. Most of our tap water is not much better, but here is a way to enliven it. Fill a clear glass tumbler with distilled water, set a crystal prism on top of the glass, and place tumbler and prism under a full spectrum light or in direct sunlight. This can dramatically raise the water’s energy reading, states Dr. Parcells. “We found that by drinking this water, we raised our energy rate by a like amount.”

3) Get the Poisons out of Your Foods and Body

Dr. Parcells’ line of research and practical results were years ahead of mainstream so-called science, and they still are. Today she is tutor to several hundred M.D.s who study regularly with her; she likes to watch their skepticism change into true belief. “They start off scoffing but they end up praying,” she says with a giggle. If you catch Dr. Parcells indulging in giggles, she is just as likely to get somber about the unbelievable decline in the quality of the Western diet and the equally awesome deterioration and polluting of the environment-all of which she has witnessed firsthand and documented in the last 60 years.

Yet none of this fazed her; rather, she responded to it with the spirit of the true scientist. She simply figured out easy things anyone could do at home to neutralize all these “deterrents” to good health.

Dr. Parcells’ system of scientific living and kitchen chemistry begins and ends in food. Almost everyone knows today that the quality of our vegetables is shameful compared to what it used to be, and even buying organic vegetables is no guarantee you will be getting high-quality nutrients in your diet. That’s because our soils are grossly impoverished and poisoned, worn out from several generations of agribusiness chemicals.

So, to stay healthy, you have to learn clever ways of coping with these substandard conditions. The value of the Parcells’ System of Scientific Living is its list of procedures to cleanse foods, neutralize their poisons, and enhance their nutritional value.

If you or your foods are polluted, master the techniques of cleansing, neutralizing, and detoxification. “What I have learned in my study of energy is that we are all energy. When that energy changes, it changes the condition.” Correct the energy fields of body and food and you generate healing and long life, Dr. Parcells explains.

LONG-LIFE SECRET: Purify Your Foods

This technique will rid the food items of harmful toxins, chemicals, sprays, and poisons, and it will noticeably improve the flavor and shelf life of the foods.

Before cooking with them, soak all your fruits, eggs, meats, and vegetables in a bath of Chlorox and water, at the rate of 1 teaspoon Chlorox to 1-gallon water. Make sure it is the old-fashioned, pure Chlorox; this is hydrochloric acid, not chlorine. Divide your foods into the following categories and soak no longer than the time listed: leafy vegetables (10-15 minutes); root vegetables (15-30 minutes), thin-skinned berries (10-15 minutes), heavy-skinned fruits (15-30 minutes), eggs (20-30 minutes), thawed meats (5-10 minutes per pound).

Prepare a fresh batch of Chlorox water for each category of foods; dispose of baths after use. Soak all Chlorox-water treated foods in a freshwater bath for 5-10 minutes before using. “This treatment has been used for the last 30 years by many families, saving them untold expenses for illness with no unfavorable reports,” says Dr. Parcells.

LONG-LIFE SECRET: Illuminate Your Foods

Dr. Parcells developed the Thea-Lite to use light and magnetic field energy to neutralize the effects of spray residues, metallics, pollutants, and additives from foods, especially grains and liquids, that cannot be easily immersed in the Chlorox-water bath.

Place your food item (for example milk, cream, butter, cereals, grains, beans, canned foods) under the Thea-Light for a variable amount of time (10-30 minutes) depending on the density of the food. Dr. Parcells also developed the Normalizing Color Unit to effectively deactivate Cobalt-60, a harmful radiation increasingly in use in the preservation of food by irradiation. The unit uses high-quality sheets of colored “cathedral” glass (green and blue) to neutralize Cobalt-60.

LONG-LIFE SECRET: Take a Therapeutic Bath

You need to cleanse your internal environment, too. Here are 2 of Dr. Parcells’ personal bathing formulas. Bathing Formula 1: This is recommended after exposure to Xrays, environmental radiation, and Cobalt-60 for symptoms of headaches, nausea, cramps, or muscle aches. Mix 1 pound of sea or rock salt and 1 pound of baking soda in a tub of very hot water. Immerse your body in the water for at least 20 minutes or until the water cools to body temperature. Do not shower or rinse the salt off your body for 8 hours.

4) Remember, the Impossible Is Always Possible

Although she spends more time these days teaching, making videos, and developing a home study correspondence course, Dr. Parcells still sees students. True to the essence of naturopathy, she regards each patient as a unique individual with a specific biochemical pattern and electromagnetic energy.

Dr. Parcells’ casebook is rich with examples of how she produced healing where other doctors had failed. The trick is to understand how the body works at the level of cellular energy and then to adjust the inner environment accordingly. Ridding the body of intestinal worms and systemic parasites is a cornerstone of Dr. Parcells’ approach, but so is shoring up the endocrine glands, especially the four “power” glands: adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, and pineal. “I’ve studied these glands since the 1930s. I know glands. By knowing how to regulate the endocrines, I’ve had more successes and done more impossible things than you could guess.”

For the first 105 years of her unusually productive life, Dr. Parcells has been a local legend in New Mexico, but with the imminent publication of her memoirs, Life in Balance, (co-written with Joseph Dispenza) by a major New York publisher she is poised to rapidly (become deservedly) become a national legend. No matter: when you’re 60 years ahead of your time and you know the secrets of long life, you can afford to wait until your twelfth decade for recognition to catch up with you. As Dr. Parcells quips, “Don’t say die; say damn, and keep going. Dying is easy, but it’s living that’s difficult.”

“I’ve studied these glands since the 1930s. I know glands. By knowing how to regulate the endocrines, I’ve had more successes and done more impossible things than you could guess.”

Dr. Hazel Parcells’ Keys to a Long Life

1.Don’t believe the doctors if they say your condition is untreatable. 2.Master your kitchen chemistry. 3.Understand that energy is the master key to health. 4.Preserve the life energy in foods through correct preparation and cooking. 5.Match the energy of foods to your body’s specific energy and needs. 6.Master the kitchen science of correct food combining to optimize digestion and absorption of nutrients. 7.Restore your body’s acid-alkaline balance. 8.Neutralize and eliminate harmful pollutants from your food, air, and water through cleansing them. 9.Add more energy to your body and foods using color and magnetic fields. 10.Detoxify your body, cleanse your colon of possible parasites. 11.Support your endocrine glands with supplements. 12.Know and manage your body’s energy fields.

The Determination Board

Biochemically Correct Answers to Your Health Needs in Seconds

The Determination Board is a slender, lightweight rectangular box made of Plexiglas™, topped with a 360° measuring device and an open circle and accompanied by a silver pendulum.

First you place a “witness” on the open circle of the board; this can be sputum, blood, a photo, or the written name and birthday of the person. Second, you take the substance in question (a small amount of, for example, metallic aluminum, or the vitamin herb, vegetable, or medicine) also inside this circle. Then by carefully using the pendulum within the space of the 360 degree measuring circle, you get a numerical reading, or answer. Results higher than 120, which is the healthy energy baseline of organs or the entire body, indicate good to high nutritional content and an acidic quality; results lower than 120 are too alkaline and not good for you.

For Dr. Parcells, there are very few “impossible” cases.

Things come up in her treatments that would astound the conventional doctor…

A man with lifelong diabetes was entering a steep decline and all medical attempts to heal him were failing. Dr. Parcells determined he had a severe tapeworm infestation in his intestines. Using a formula she developed herself, she quickly cleaned out his system, purging all the parasites and his diabetes soon became manageable again. “I’ve seen this happen over and over, especially with children, that a greater part of your diabetes cases are the result of worms that upset the sugar balance among the organs.”

After a 9-year-old boy had a tooth extracted, his jaw shut tight and nobody could open it. Doctors kept him in the hospital for 3 days but were unable to open his jaw. By good fortune, the boy’s mother heard of Dr. Parcells and asked her for help. She analyzed the boy’s condition, then prescribed a special calcium, vitamin B12 and parathyroid glandular supplement. She did this knowing that the parathyroid gland governs calcium function which, in turn, affects the jaws. The boy opened his mouth in 2 hours and had no further symptoms.

A young boy was brought to her office having cried and had spasms the previous night; he had eaten a large amount of chemically sprayed, unwashed apples. At the same time, a woman in her fifties came in with similar symptoms. She had travelled with her husband, a mining inspector, deep into the Earth and consumed tainted water. An analysis of both patients revealed a common cause: arsenic poisoning. Dr. Parcells prescribed a Clorox bath to get the arsenic toxins out of their bodies through the skin. Both recovered quickly.


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