Hazel Parcells Thea-Lite

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Thea-Lite. The new version of Dr. Hazel Parcells’ famous kitchen helper. Magnetic lampshade and base enhance food values. Lampshade available in plastic (like the original) or glass.

New Thea Lite $379 including S&H in Cont. US.
Contact us for shipping charges to other countries.


Much more than a Light. By combining light and magnetic energies, according to Dr. Hazel Parcells’ teachings, the Thea-Lite has beneficial effects on food. Dr. Parcell believed that this technique restores food energy lost in production and transit, and nullifies the harmful effects of pesticide residue, heavy metals, and additives.

LONG-LIFE SECRET: Illuminate Your Foods
Dr. Parcells developed the Thea-Lite to use light and magnetic field energy to neutralize the effects of spray residues, metallics, pollutants, and additives from foods, especially grains and liquids, that cannot be easily immersed in the Chlorox-water bath.

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Glass Shade, Plastic Shade

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