Parcells Portable Magnetic Relaxation Bed

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The new portable folding version replicates Dr. Hazel Parcells’ famous Magnetic Relaxation Bed with copper coils energized by the transformer. It produces a measurable magnetic field switchable for north or south polarity. Note: The bed does not come with table.

3 panels 24” x 24” x 1″  Approx. 74” long unfolded.
Approx. 10 pounds
Power supply detaches for transport.


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Dr. Hazel Parcells taught that a positive (switch up) electromagnetic field relaxed the user’s system and nullified the effects of radiation while the negative (switch down) field fought infection.

The knowledge of the therapeutic value of electricity and magnetism goes back to ancient times. Modern science has reached similar conclusions and electromagnetic fields have found a place in various treatment protocols for a wide range of conditions. Dr. Hazel Parcells recognized and employed these modalities decades before establishment scientists would consider them.

Note: this instrument is for relaxation purposes only- it is NOT a medical instrument.

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Weight 51 lbs

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