120 LED Dual Array Red/Near-InfraRed

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Dual 120 LED 660nm/850nm switchable for one or both colors on.
(60) 660 nm Red LEDs speed healing of wounds and infections, penetrates about 1″, increases cellular ATP and energy while reducing pain and stimulating collagen repair.
(60) 850 nm Near-infrared LEDs for deeper penetration and more pain relief than visible red. (Note: Our eyes cannot see NIR. The small indicator light shows that the device works.)
Made in USA. Lifetime warranty (excluding physical damage).


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At $.05/mW, the most cost and time-efficient light available.

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From space to you! Based on  NASA research on healing with LED lights. Safe, effective, affordable LED light can speed healing, soothe sore muscles, ease chronic pain, relieve stiffness, and increase circulation. This non-drug alternative treatment will amaze you with rapid effects.

Switchable. Use both colors together or one at a time.

(60) 660nm Red LEDs speed healing of wounds, infections, and other conditions to a depth of about 1″ by increasing cellular ATP and energy while reducing pain and stimulating collagen repair.

(60) 850nm Near-infrared LEDs penetrate 2-3” to increase blood flow and release nitric oxide to soothe and heal sore muscles and joints. Also helpful for toning the face and skin.
Note: While NIR light does not harm tissue, it can heat it up, therefore it makes sense to avoid using it directly on the thyroid or eyes for longer than a minute or so.

Note on power and pulsing:
The LED arrays put out approximately 1 joule per minute per cm2, more light per dollar than any other arrays we know of. Our LEDs have a rating of 4000 mcd at 6.4 mw. This compares favorably with so-called Cold Lasers and Low-level Lasers. They do not pulse because that would add significant cost to the product, and we have seen no solid, double-blinded research that indicates a difference in healing effects between pulsed and constant light.

We also have a High-power 660 nm LED array that puts out around 5 times more light.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


120 LEDs:
60 850nm Near Infrared
60 660nm Red


Includes universal 110-240v AC adaptor

Array approx. 2″ x 4″ x 3/4″



Do not fall asleep using the LED unit. Do not leave it running unattended. Do not cover it with blankets or clothing and leave it running as it may overheat and create a potential hazard. Do not use in the bathtub. Always shut unit off when done using it.

LED arrays last longest when allowed to cool after 20-30 minutes of use.

Usage suggestions

The red 660nm LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) work best for painful areas (cuts, sores, etc) on or near the surface, as the light penetrates only about 1/2 to 3/4 inches. It affects the cell’s mitochondria and causes an increase in the production of ATP, boosting energy and speeding up healing.

Place the array against the skin or slightly above the skin in those locations. Some people use it on their arteries at the wrist or navel to energize the blood.

The near infrared 880nm LEDs penetrate 2-3” and have different effects on the cells. It seems to increase circulation and make the body release nitric oxide to increase blood flow in the area to soothe and heal sore muscles and joints. One should probably not use the 880 over the thyroid area to avoid over-stimulation. Also avoid shining the light into the eyes, even with them closed, as the 880 may damage them. Our eyes cannot see 880nm so we have added a green pilot light on one end that indicates when it is on.

On limbs, legs, shoulders, etc., we do not know of any time limitations, but you should probably not go longer than 10-20 minutes on one place on torso and head. Avoid shining the 880nm LEDs at the eyes, thyroid, or skull.

As with any other type of alternative healing modality, light therapy requires experimentation and common sense usage. If you notice any negative reactions, discontinue use and check with your healthcare provider.

We recommend a holistic approach to health that includes proper hydration and nutrition, exercise, elimination, rest, and a positive outlook. Deficiencies in any of these areas can contribute to poor health, pain, as well as lack of energy, focus, and motivation.



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