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Depression, insomnia, anxiety, and related conditions have many possible causes including diet, exercise, and underlying subconscious programming.  CES (Cranial Electrical Stimulation) and Audio/Visual Brainwave entrainment (AVE) light/sound devices can help. 

While any of our CES devices (CES Ultra, etc) will help, the Delight Pro offers the most possibilities because it combines CES with pulsing lights and sounds. If you do not want the light/sound, get the Oasis Pro CES, the most advanced and versatile device available.

We highly recommend HPP CDs used with the Delight Pro, specifically Changing Emotions.

CES works by balancing neurotransmitters. If your condition involves an imbalance of neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, etc), you will experience positive changes within a week or so, although some users will notice immediate improvements. All CES devices will have this effect. Some devices may work better than others but no studies exist that compare individual devices, so we have no good way of determining which works best. You can only find out if CES will work for you by using one every day for at least 2 weeks.

Our basic CES device, the CES Ultra, pulses at 100hz (beats per second). It feels like a tingling and does not significantly alter one’s state of awareness directly. Other CES devices (BT-8, Fisher Wallace,etc) although having somewhat different stimulus specifications, have basically the same effects as the CES Ultra even though they cost more.

CES can help with all kinds of conditions. It may fix things completely or partially or have no effect at all that one notices. It may solve a particular condition for one user and not for another with the “same” issues. Ultimately you just have to try one and evaluate the results as you go. We have a liberal return policy so you can try it at little financial risk.

The next level of CES devices have additional settings for other pulse repetition rates. The Oasis Pro and Delight Pro (essentially the CES functions of the Oasis Pro with the addition of pulsing lights and sounds for faster and deeper brain wave entrainment) both have the 100hz CES setting but also allow the user to use slower pulse repetition rates that entrain brain wave rhythms. Both of these advanced devices have pre-programmed sessions that can increase beta (10-15 hz) activity for focus/attention, alpha (7-10hz) for relaxation and flow, theta (4-7hz) for deep relaxation, meditation, and hypnosis/trance, and delta (0-6hz) sedation for sleep and anxiety.

These combination CES entrainment devices have the advantage over other CES devices because they give the user more opportunities to use this modality throughout the day. Typically you would do a 20-40 minute 100hz session in the morning like taking vitamins and possibly another in the afternoon. If you feel unfocussed, a beta session will help clear the cobwebs and wake you up. People with ADD will feel calmer and more focussed after a brief (5-15 minute) beta session. (Note: while the Oasis Pro CES will have this effect, the Delight Pro’s lights and sounds will work faster and more powerfully.) If you want to get into the “flow” for athletic performance, music, creativity, etc, use an alpha session. Delta sessions feel like taking a sedative and help when you feel anxious or need help falling asleep.

The products below offer you the chance to try this exciting method and evaluate the results at little risk because we have a 30 day money-back guarantee*
*See Terms of Use for details of return policy and warranties.

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