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Phil & Arlene Safier

Since beginning Elixa in the 1980s, we have compiled an extensive array of articles on various aspects of natural methods to attain optimal well-being. to maintain health, prevent and treat illness, become more productive and happy, and stay vital well into old age. These methods focus on physical, mental, and emotional concerns.

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We have arranged our information resource articles under categories which you can see under the Articles tab on the menu bar.

Colloidal Silver Information on the science behind this powerful natural antimicrobial.

Nutrition Natural products that enhance your immune system, increase energy and stamina, aid digestion, strengthen bones, improve IQ and focus, and more.

Water Treatment Structuring water to increase hydration, distillers for absolute purification, ozonators to add oxygen and disinfect.

Light&Sound Brain Wave Entrainment Photic Driving for Instant Meditation, Deep Sleep, Focus, Flow, Rapid Deep Change.

Healing LED Light Therapy The power of penetrating colored light to repair, energize, tone, soothe, disinfect.

Bob Beck Protocols Cutting edge natural healing tools for optimal well-being and self-care. Colloidal Silver, Parasite Zapping, Ozonated Water, Magnetic Pulsing.

Magnetic Therapy PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) Therapy, Magnetic Tables for rapid pain relief, accelerated healing, and more.

Mind Machines Neurotechnology for depression, insomnia, ADD, accelerated learning, trance, flow, focus, hemispheric and neurotransmitter balancing.




Colloidal Silver Radio Interviews

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An interview with Phil Safier with Dr. Ron Repice at Rejuvenations Health Radio on 2/17/16 We cover a number of topics related to Colloidal Silver including the argyria (Blue Man) controversy, particle size, ions vs. particles,
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Enzymes and Longevity: Interview with Dr. Edward Howell

Enzymes and Longevity In an exclusive interview, food enzyme researcher Dr. Edward Howell tells why he believes: “Enzymes may be the key factor in preventing chronic disease and extending the human lifespan.” Dr. Edward Howell
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The Many Uses of Colloidal Silver

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It pays to make your own high quality Colloidal silver with the Silvonic Pro. Users know that silver nanoparticles are effective against harmful micro-organisms because they use it for a variety of conditions in humans,
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Dr. Bob Beck on Blood Electrification for Cleansing, Parasite Zapping, Neutralization of HIV, Etc.

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Important Note of Caution:: The statements below represent the opinion of the author and may not have enough scientific validation to warrant drawing any conclusions as to efficacy. If you decide to try any of these
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Ions, not particles, make silver toxic to bacteria.

SUMMARY: Rice researchers settle a long-standing controversy on the mechanism by which silver nanoparticles kill bacteria – and they find that using too little can help bacteria build immunity. Ions, not particles, make silver toxic
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PEMF Research

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JourCellPhys-Glen-Gor Designed Electromagnetic Pulsed Therapy: Clinical Applications GLEN A. GORDON* Electromagnetic Research and Education Foundation (EMREF), Port Gamble, Washington First reduced to science by Maxwell in 1865, electromagnetic technology as therapy received little interest from
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Colloidal Silver Ointment Kit

Now you can make your own Colloidal Silver Ointment for topical application with the solutions you make with your colloidal silver generators. (Hey, is it time for a new more efficient colloidal silver generator? Put it on
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Parasite Zapping/Blood Electrification

Microcurrent therapy for cleansing the blood. While enjoying the fruits of a successful career as an acclaimed physicist, Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc. maintained an interest in electro-therapy for health. When he heard that viruses
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EM Pulser PEMF History

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(Click here for self-help products that can help with ADD and other learning concerns.) David Noton, PhD The Forest Institute Reprinted from J. of Neurotherapy, 2(2):8-13, 1997. ABSTRACT Two studies of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), EEG, and
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