The Many Uses of Colloidal Silver

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Users know that silver nanoparticles are effective against harmful micro-organisms because they use it for a variety of conditions in humans, animals and plants. Increasingly, scientific studies bear out its efficacy in fighting bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

As a result of these studies, we understand more about how colloidal silver works and companies have begun to develop new, innovative ways to incorporate silver into medical devices, household appliances, clothing and a variety of other products.

Silver for Human Health

Colloidal silver is a proven, highly effective agent against a wide variety of human ailments. The list of applications is seemingly endless.  The articles below represent only a few of them.

Adult Acne and Colloidal Silver
Antitumor Activity of Colloidal Silver on MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cells
The Chemical and Physical Basis of the Therapeutic Value of Colloidal Forms of Silver
Chlamydia:  Top Supplements for Natural Treatment
Colloidal Silver:  World’s Strongest Antibiotic?
Mild Silver Protein Review: Reduction in HIV Viral Load in Mild Silver Protein Study
New Silver Nanoparticle Silver Gel for Healing Burns
Scientists to tackle Illness with “Silver Nanobullet”
Silver Nanoparticles Could Prevent Blood Clots
Silver Nanoparticles Show ‘Immense Potential’ in Prevention of Blood Clots
Topical Silver an Effective Defense Against MRSA

Silver in Medical Devices

Silver is being incorporated into medical devices including implants of all kinds, as lining for breathing tubes, in paint, polymers and wound dressings. Silver is being used in a variety of ways in some hospitals to combat the spread of antibiotic resistant staph (MRSA).

Effect of Silver on Burn Wound Infection Control and Healing: Review of the Literature
FDA Clears Silver-Coated Breathing Tube for Marketing Reduces Risk of Pneumonia for Patients Using Ventilators
Silver-Coated Endotracheal Tube Dramatically Reduces Resistant Infections

Smart Coating Opens Door to Safer Hip, Knee and Dental Implants

Silver for Water Purification

Silver purifies water.  Colloidal silver can be added to water in need of purification. Silver nanoparticles are also being used in water filters and in municipal water systems in some countries.

Electrified nano filter could mean cheap drinking water
Engineer Helps Poor in Developing Nations Purify Drinking Water
UA Greek System Plans Fundraisers for Hydrate Haiti

Colloidal Silver for Animals

Colloidal silver is just as effective of pets and livestock as it is on humans. Many dog owners have learned first hand the value of colloidal silver against the deadly canine parvo virus.  A daily dose of silver in an animal’s water helps keep the veterinarian bills down.

Colloidal Silver/Ionic Silver -Yes, it works for dogs!

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