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Pure silver rods, distilled water, and no skill is all it takes to make an effective natural antibiotic automatically.

Silvonic Pro CS Generator

Silvonic Pro CS Generator

Silvonic Pro CS Generator

Silvonic Pro CS Generator









Why do you need your own colloidal silver generator?
If you are dealing with a chronic condition, or bacterial or fungal infection in yourself, a family member or a pet, the benefits of having your own colloidal silver generator cannot be over-stated.

It is the surest and most inexpensive way to always have all the high-quality 1-10 nanometer, 10 ppm pure colloidal silver you’ll ever need at your disposal, whenever you want it.

Furthermore, it is far more economical than buying bottled colloidal silver. While you can make colloidal silver for around $3 a gallon, you’ll pay anywhere from $20 to $40 just for an 8 oz bottle at a health food store or online.

Do the math:
Our Silvonic Pro Automatic Colloidal Silver Generator comes with 1 pair of 99.99% pure silver electrodes that will make around 100 gallons of 10 ppm CS. That works out to less than $3 per gallon (128 oz) including the cost of distilled water and electricity! In the unlikely event that you use up the silver, you can buy another pair here and make another 100 gallons for less than $1.50 per. And, since the Silvonic Pro has a lifetime warranty, you’ll never have to buy another.

Note: Don’t be fooled into buying an expensive CS generator with larger silver electrodes. If you use 1 ounce a day, it will take around 33 years to use 100 gallons.

What’s so special about our Colloidal Silver Generators?
The Silvonic Pro makes it easy to make the best batch of colloidal silver every time. The Silvonic Pro with automatic shut-off turns itself off when your colloidal silver reaches the optimal strength for internal use. It does not use a timer that gives inconsistent results due to variations in water temperature and other factors. It detects the level of electrical conductivity equivalent to around 10 ppm. You can also increase the strength as needed to make sprays, ointments, etc.

The Silvonic Pro uses the alternating SWAP constant current method, which keeps the water moving to prevent large particles, makes the rods last longer because they wear evenly, and you get a better end result because there is far less residue build-up on your silver rods.

Plus, Silvonic goes the extra mile, giving you .9999 pure silver rods in your colloidal silver kits, as opposed to the .999 you see just about everywhere else. That extra 9/100 of a percent means purer, more effective colloidal silver.

Elixa has been in business since 1988. We have an excellent reputation. If for any reason, you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you just return it within 30 days, no questions asked, and get your money back, less 15%.

The Silvonic Generators come with a Lifetime Guarantee (as long as you don’t abuse or tamper with it, of course). And, they’re made right here in the U.S.A.

The Silvonic Pro colloidal silver generator with automatic shut-off will automatically create a quart of high-quality colloidal silver for you and your family for mere pennies. No household First Aid Kit should be without it. And, with the Colloidal Silver Ointment Kit, you can even make your own topical treatment for cuts, scrapes, bites, scars, wounds, and burns.

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver, the Antibiotic of the Future!
For pennies per ounce, you can have safe protection against biological threats. Advanced colloidal silver Generators make it easy to make the highest-quality colloidal silver for pennies per ounce. All our colloidal silver generators use the constant voltage and constant current method that produces the smallest particles and most desirable ratio of colloidal and ionic silver.

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