Mental Fitness
Detailed info on how to succeed with neurotechnology

 Silvonic Colloidal Silver Generator:
The Natural Antibiotic you make for pennies!

 Parcells Magnetic Bed

Brain Lightning
2 capsules noticeably improve focus, creativity, and work!

Info on CES (Cranial Electrical Stimulation for mood, IQ, addictions) , TENS (for pain), Blood Purification, etc.

 CES Ultra:
Multi-use CES, TENS and more.

 BT-8 BioTuner:
The famous "Bob Beck Black Box" CES  for depression, anxiety, insomnia, addictions, focus and IQ. No prescription!

 Fisher-Wallace Liss:
Advanced waveform CES for depression, insomnia, anxiety, sore muscles, and more.

Oasis Pro : Miniature multipurpose microcurrent CES synchronized to pulsing lights and sounds!

 Zappers: Electrical and magnetic stimulation for parasite elimination thru blood purification.

Light & Sound Mind Machines
Instant meditation, stress reduction, accelerated learning

 PROTEUS: All the Orion programs and features with advanced PC link and BiColor lights!

 A.D.D. &
  Learning Disorders

Self-Improvement Solutions:Tapes/CDs
HypnoPeripheralProcessing for fast, automatic changes in thoughts, feelings, and behavior. 

 Make your own self-  improvement tapes!

 EEG & Biofeedback
 ThoughtStream GSR: Portable relaxation trainer
 WaveRider EEG:
Complete home and professional training system for ADD, meditation, peak performance.

Used Gear: Hot deals!

 L/S and Migraines
 L/S and PMS
PMS,EEG, and L/S

Elixa PR-2X Pulsed Light & Sound

We no longer carry the PR-2X.

See the PROTEUS for advanced L/S that connects to biofeedback.

The Proteus offers the best value feature for feature in today's market. Our customers love it for its power, portability, and potential. 

The Proteus has an edge in entrainment because it can produce binaural beats and because of the bicolor glasses that can pulse red at the faster frequencies and green at the slower. This works better than monochrome glasses of any color! 

The Proteus' upgradeability means that it will remain state-of-the-art for a long time. It boasts completely redesigned circuitry, including an advanced processor which is four times faster than Sirius

For the ultimate in Brainwave Synchronization and Cranial Electrical Stimulation, check out the Delight Pro.  More control of frequencies for neurotransmitter balancing, endorphin release, deep relaxation, sleep, IQ gains, and more.

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