QiGong SP Black Transducer (No Handle)

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The new black transducer attachment for use with the Si Wang Qi Gong Machine SP. Cloth pouch and strap included.
(For older QiGong Machines, indicate that you need the old style plug.) For the wand transducer, click here.
These transducers will work will Infratonic and similar older Chi machines. When ordering, indicate that you need the old style plug.

All of our transducers come with a 1 year warranty.

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This product is an attachment and must be used with a Si Wang Qi Gong Machine SP.

Low Frequency Sound Pain Management System

The Si Wang Qi Gong Machine SP Infrasound Pro-Massager emits low frequency, electro-acoustical therapeutic sounds waves designed for effective treatment of pain and accelerated recovery. Based on Qi-Gong Ultra-sound Technology, it works by increasing the local circulation of blood, lymph and nervous system activity. The low frequency sonic stimulation of the SP Infrasound Pro-Massager activates local tissue, moving stagnant fluids out of painful areas thereby drawing in fresh, oxygenated fluids to enhance the healing process, reducing swelling and relaxing tense muscles.

History of Qi Gong Technology and the Infrasound Pro-Massager

The Si Wang line of QiGong Infrasound Massagers came from research originating in China indicating that natural healers who practiced Qi Gong energy work actually emitted low frequency sound waves from their hands. Infrasonic refers to the range of sound waves below what humans can hear (below 20 Hz). The frequency of these sonic waves varied in the range between 8 and 14 Hz (cycles per second) and fluctuated randomly with every pulse. The Infrasound Pro-Massager uses this Qi-Gong Technology and emits sonic waves in this fashion.

Testing in hospitals and research facilities has shown that low frequency sound effectively increases vitality, accelerates healing, and strengthens immune function.

Benefits from clinical studies:

Reduces pain in joints, muscles and bones

Decreases painful edema

Relaxes muscle armoring and spasms

Improves circulation

The Infrasound Pro-Massager has FDA 501K listing as safe for home use and reimbursable by many insurance companies if recommended by your doctor.

This massager should not replace the treatment of a physician. The safety of the massager for use during pregnancy or birth has not been established. Pregnant women, heart patients, people with infections, people on psychiatric medications are urged to consult with their physician before use. Keep out of reach of children. The machine may adversely affect patients with fever or body temperature over 100° F. It should not used with unexplained calf pain. Do not place it over the pacemaker and over any implanted apparatus. Do not place it over the eyes.

 Additional Features::

–Amazing versatility

–Increase local circulation

–Relieve minor aches and pains

–Relax Muscles

–Promote the body function

–Energetic bodywork Acupressure

–Chi Kung (Qi Gong) exercise


–Deep tissue massage

–Low heat treatment


Additional information

Plug Size

Original Large Plug, New Small Plug

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