How Colloidal Silver Works to Fight Acne Outbreaks

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Colloidal Silver is an Natural Home Remedy for Acne that Really Works

Acne is the skin’s inflammatory reaction to acne bacteria within blocked pores most commonly occurring on the skin of the face and back. It is characterized by pimples, black heads white heads, enlarged pores, cysts and a red, inflamed look.

Although, it is a painful and embarrassing skin condition that affects many adolescents and adults. Although acne seems to be merely a cosmetic condition, it can be detrimental to people’s lives both professionally and personally.

Common Sense Acne Advice

Common sense says that cleanliness is an important part of preventing acne. You should keep your face and the pillows you sleep on at night clean. If you use cosmetics, wash you applicators once a week. And, it is important to be aware of any foods you eat that could be contributing to your acne. Most commonly chocolate, coffee and oily foods are cited as culprits in acne outbreaks. But, this advice does little or nothing to help the worst cases of acne.

For many people acne is such a stubborn, chronic problem that they embark on a long, often fruitless, quest to find a solution. The first thing they may try is medications and acne treatments, which often turn out be expensive and ineffective. Some even visit doctors for prescription ointments and antibiotics. Often, these medications prove to be, not only expensive, but largely ineffective and some of them have unpleasant side effects.

Colloidal Silver: The Acne Treatment that Really Works

Sometimes at the recommendation of a naturopathic physician or on the advice of a friend, more fortunate acne sufferers run across an old home remedy that is now enjoying renewed popularity: Colloidal silver.

Research on the broad spectrum antimicrobial effect of colloidal silver has exploded in recent years. Colloidal silver is also believed to possess cell renewing properties, which may contribute to its effectiveness against many cases of acne.

Colloidal silver has reportedly cleared up other inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, dermatitis and a variety of rashes. Colloidal silver works against these conditions whether they are caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi and appears to speed the repair of damaged tissues.

Furthermore, colloidal silver is an inexpensive treatment for acne. Many people report that it is far more effective than anything else they’ve ever tried to get rid of acne. Used as a topical, it has no unpleasant or dangerous side effects.

Some people see improvements in their chronic acne overnight and chronic acne disappearing with regular nightly applications. Others report a healing experience that seems to take place almost before their very eyes.

How to Use Colloidal Silver to Fight Acne

Colloidal silver can be used to fight acne and other skin irritations both as a topical and internally. For acne, colloidal silver is primarily used as a topical agent in one of two ways: As an undiluted liquid or in a gel ointment.

The easiest way to use colloidal silver for acne is to acquire a clean spray bottle and fill it with 10 to 15 ppm colloidal silver. Before spraying colloidal silver on your skin, wash with a very pure, non-detergent soap like castille or lye soap. Blot your skin dry with a soft clean towel. Do not rub your skin. Then when your skin is dry, spray your face with colloidal silver and let it dry naturally. Ideally, you should do this before going to bed.

An even more effective way of using colloidal silver as a topical agent is to incorporate it into a gel. colloidal silver gel. After cleaning and drying your face, you should apply a thin coat of colloidal silver gel to the affected area with your fingers using a light, gentle touch.

When colloidal silver is applied in gel form, it ensures that the colloidal silver maintains contact with the skin and stays where it is put on the skin. You can inexpensively make a large supply of colloidal silver gel ointment with the Silver Gel Kit available from Silvonic. It includes an acrylic polymer, which has no known side effects.

When you use colloidal silver topically, you can bolster its effects by taking a one or two tablespoons of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver gel should only be used as a topical ointment, but pure colloidal silver can be taken internally to fight infections.

You should always use the purest, highest quality colloidal silver made from the purest, distilled water, especially, if you plan to take it internally. The best way to ensure the quality of your colloidal silver is to make it yourself using a specially calibrated and tested colloidal silver generator like the Silvonic colloidal silver makers.

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