Colloidal Silver Testimonials

The following letters come from users of homemade Colloidal Silver who feels strongly about its benefits.

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My left thigh began to burn over the course of about a week. It became so bad that I had to wear short pants because I could not stand having fabric touch my skin! A sore with pustules appeared above my knee. Since this had all the signs of a herpes/shingles outbreak, I started to think about ways to treat it.

I read another report about using Colloidal Silver where the person took lots of CS and got rid of it. I immediately drank about 4 ounces and continued that for 3 days. By the third day, I noticed that my thigh no longer hurt.

I also mixed Oregano Oil with DMSO and rubbed it on my spine from the tailbone up to the 12th rib. It seems that if the virus stays dormant there and activates with stress, getting the oil into that area should eliminate the problem.

The pain cleared up completely in about 4 days. The sore went away in about a week. So far (about 4 months) I have had no other symptoms.

P.S. in NM

I can remember when I first read Colloidal Silver praises online; the testimonials were endless. Now, after almost four years of continuous use of CS, my endorsement for this product is just as strong.

My health issues are always autoimmune inflammatory-related issues. Most drugs (both prescription and OTC) for inflammation carry many possibilities of negative side-effects. Not so with CS.

CS is a versatile product. I sip it for general inflammation control, use it to rinse sinuses and drops for my eyes. It works great on any kind of skin scratch, blotch or rash. I use it all the times on my cats and dogs to clean their eyes and ears. They know it doesn’t hurt and don’t resist at all.

But the best part about CS is Elixa’s owners, Phil and Arlene Safier. They know their products. They are always accessible and respond to my questions quickly in terms that are clear and easy to understand. It’s so reassuring to know I can rely on them to help me find what works best for me. You just can’t ask any more than that of an online product source.
Conne Dillon, Wichita, KS

6/4/2003 –
I received a generator from you not too long ago and began using it overtime last week when I realized I had a case of shingles! They began clearing up so quickly when I started consuming 8 oz. of CS a day and putting CS ointment on them. I am so grateful that I had the equipment to make it all!
CZ in Denver, CO

February 25, 2003
“After 2 surgeries on my lower back I have been forced to sleep on either side, tossing and turning constantly, now, thanks to the Comfortaire Bed, I can sleep on my back again.” Thanks Ben Purkey

February 25, 2003
Colloidal Silver was a surprise to me. I got it for a chronic sinus condition and found it did wonders for an inflammatory disease I’ve had for years. I’ve been taking it for about a month and feel so very much better.
For years I’ve been told, “Your tests are normal, you don’t have an infection” for many different conditions. I avoid steroids and there are very few meds that treat the causes of inflammations. There are many drugs to treat the random and varied symptoms of inflammatory diseases and most of those drugs are not very good. I’m so grateful to have some energy.
Conne Dillon, Wichita
June 19, 2002
I have a spinal cord injury (SCI). Searching the web I have found very little on the benefits of Colloidal Silver (CS) on the neurology aspect. I make my own CS using Canadian Maple Leaf coins, six-volt power supply, an air pump, and a VOM to measure current. I do add salt to achieve about .002 amps of current.
June 27th, 1998, I was run over by an automobile and this is the cause of my SCI. The main thing I suffered from, that I noticed, was my right ankle was in bad shape, in constant pain. I had emergency surgery done on that foot. I experienced pain in this foot daily. Doctors could not (or would not) stop the pain.
I spent the entire summer of 2001 in pain. I didn’t do much but sit all day. Shortly after 9/11 I heard about CS. I started drinking about 2 oz twice a day. After about two months of CS my neck started freeing. Then I started drinking about 20 oz a day. I am pretty much pain free. Some symptoms are gone, as in problems urinating. Being a surveyor, I think that I may have had Lyme’s disease. I always thought it was a heat rash. But whatever it was is gone now. One side effect of pain is obviously sleep problems. I was lethargic most of the time. This was corrected with CS.
About three weeks ago I stopped drinking the CS. A couple of weeks go by without any problems. In the third week I started experiencing bad symptoms from my injury. Clonus in my left arm and spasticity in my neck was the worse of all. I guess it means I will be quadriplegic. I restarted drinking the CS and will not stop as long as I can feed myself. The difference is night and day.
In my opinion, if you have nothing to lose, drink as much CS as you deem fit. It will take away the pain and give you back some of your normal life. It’s a doctor in a bottle.
Gary Love
[email protected]

The following letter comes from a satisfied owner of the CS-300B:


Dear Phil,

I have already purchased my CS-300B Colloidal Silver Generator and am most pleased with having it here. I have given your name to several friends who have come begging for CS and told them of the great deal you offer.

I can attest to the many healing properties of Colloidal Silver. I have used it on myself, my dogs, cats and horses! All with spectacular results. I can give you specific instances: I had a staph infection under my fingernail that despite 2 operations and 3 months of antibiotics that would not heal. One overnight soaking with a cotton ball full of CS and it opened, drained and was completely healed in a few days.

Our Setter (English) was horribly attacked by a pack of Rottweilers – over 300 bites and one wound required 80 stitches to close. He developed an gangrenous type infection in one of the bite sites and the vet had really given up al hope that the dog could survive the severity of the attack,. I began infusing CS into the wounds and given him a couple of teaspoons to drink daily and he recovered in no time.

We use it on cuts that our horses get on the legs when playing and getting into to trouble – in no time the cuts are scabbed over and healed without a scar.

Hoped this helps you Phil, I drink it everyday and am now using it in my jet nebulizer taking the vapors directly into my lungs. I have a rare form of genetic emphysema that is quite severe. My docs and nurses shake their heads when they listen to my lungs and hear how well they are working! Need I say more?

Some say the placebo effect is responsible for the “cures” of CS – how do you explain it in all of our animals?

In Good Health,

Darcy Donahue

Bruington, VA.

From a Dog Owner 7/00:

I use it for multiple things for myself, but have use I bet you have not heard of. I use it once a week on my dogs teeth. I have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and one of their health problems which could be mitral valve disease. Dental placque has been proven to exacerbate this problem, if not cause it.

Their gums looked like a persons gums who has gingivitis. In varying degrees, depending on the dog they were from slightly swollen and inflamed to mild bleeding. Gums look better after one application. With just a couple of treatments on a weekly interval all gums are tremendously improved.

Dawn Camp


When I heard about all the things that Colloidal Silver could do for me and my body, I knew that it was something that I wanted to try. Then I saw what the industry was charging per ounce–I immediately bought the CS-300B Colloidal Silver maker.

If a common cold is caught in the early stages, Colloidal Silver will knock it right out. My semi-annual bout with allergies was cut to a week this fall instead of the usual month to month and a half as a result of taking Colloidal Silver. The very act of taking Colloidal Silver and holding it or swishing it in my mouth has decreased my periodonal “pockets”.

I could go on and on about the minor miracles that I have personally witnessed as a result of friends taking Colloidal Silver.

A note of warning: If you buy a CS-300 Colloidal Silver maker and you tell your friends about Colloidal Silver, you will be making it for them. On the upside: your credibility with your friends will immediately increase!!!

S. Padgett

Alexandria, VA


I’ve seen amazing results from the Colloid Silver.

About ten years ago a guy I know – he suffered from a weird rash on his back and chest – slept in my bed for a few days when I was out of town – unbeknowest to me. I slept in the bed for a few days, wondering why it smelled so bad, until my roomate returned from his own trip and told me what had happened. About two months later I came down with a rash on my back and on my chest?!?! It wasn’t as bad as his had been – in fact you could barely see it – but it was utterly miserable during hot days. My flesh would crawl. I tried everything to get rid of it, including a fortune’s worth of Gold Bond powder.

The only thing that worked was a prescription ointment called Bactorban, but it costs a fortune to cover yourself with that stuff once, let alone several times per day! I’ve applied the Colloid Silver to my body every day for two weeks, and now the rash is gone and my skin has a wonderful, healthy, cleanliness to it that I’ve never known.



Hi Phil:

I just wanted to let you know what the coilloidal silver has done in my household.

Last summer, I had an inner ear infection, the kind that gets you to spinning, fever, pain etc. Normally you cannot get rid of this unless
you are on antibiotics. I took about 1 oz.of the silver water 2-3 times a day and also put it in my ear, and within 6 days it was totally gone.
I actually had finally made an appointment with a Dr. (which is a drastic measure for me) and then cancelled it because I didn’t need it.

Also, I recently had the symptoms of Bronchitis and again took the silver (1 oz. 2 times a day) and it left. I had severe bronchitis 4 years ago so I knew exactly how it felt, and it never left me til I
went to the Dr. and got on antibiotics.

My husband, daughter and I all three have had toothaches and swollen gums, and after swishing a mouthful of the silver water twice a day, and taking a Q-tip saturated with the silver water and putting that on the infected area the pain and swelling went away overnight.

We really appreciate the courteous and special help you have been to us.


Mary Smith (yes, it’s real!)



Well, I bought your CS300D and I am very pleased with the CS it
produces. I made up a few samples and sent them to B. B. to test. He
was impressed and wanted to know how I made it.
It is nice to buy something important like that which operates the way you
want it to.
I’ve been reading on the silver list that theFDA is cracking down on
colloidal silver. I hope it doesn’t effect you at all.
I’ve been telling people to get one of your devices, my in-laws should have ordered one from you by now.

Thanks so much,
Gordon Hutchinson

Dermatitis Herpetiformis skin rash gone!:

I no longer have symptoms of Dermatitis Herpetiformis, an allergy to gluten in grain flours. No more blistering and itching on my arms and legs. Rubbing the small red bumps on my hands and wrists with colloidal silver cream has removed them completely. That’s right, colloidal silver is fantastic. I no longer need to take cold and sinus medications.

Fred Wedel

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