You Can Make Colloidal Silver On a Shoestring

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Make Colloidal Silver on a Shoestring… we’ll tell you how, right here, right now.

Get a gallon of distilled water. We’ve found that pharmacies have the best quality distilled water.  Measure the purity of the water with a TDS meter. It should read 000-002 ppm (parts per million). Not all distilled waters have the same level of purity. Even though distilled water may read 000 ppm, it can still have dissolved solids which do not conduct electricity, so they won’t show up on the meter but can cause build-up on the silver electrodes and leave black material in the CS. De-ionized water will also read around 000 ppm but will usually make colored CS because it has non-conductive matter in it that combines with silver.

Put 1 pint of distilled water in a glass jar.

Put 2 silver (ideally 99.99% pure) rods/strips/bars into the water, covering them as much as possible. They should not touch the sides or bottom of the container. Put them parallel to each other. Looping the wires puts more silver into the water and keep sharp ends out.

Attach power to the silver. Almost any voltage will work, but around 24V seems optimal for brew time. The less current that flows between the 2 silver electrodes, the smaller the particles and the highest ratio of ions (the only thing that kills the microbes). Less current translates into longer brew times.

If your generator produces a pint of 10 ppm in less than an hour, it uses too much current and will not produce the smallest particles. (The Silvonic Automatic CS Generator takes about 6 hours to make a pint of 10 ppm CS.)

Once the meter reads around 10 ppm, you can use the CS. It will lose some ppm once it stabilizes after a few hours, so make it a little stronger if you want to end up with 10 ppm. As long as you haven’t made it stronger than around 15 ppm, you should have good particle size and can drink as much as you like. 

Good CS should have very little (if any) color other than a faint pink tint and will not degrade when exposed to light. Yellow/gold CS indicates large particles and will probably not work as well when taken internally. It may work well if applied topically on cuts, burns, etc.

If you see a lot of build-up on the silver or on the bottom of the glass container, you should try another brand of distilled water. The purer the water, the purer the CS.

By following these guidelines, you can make acceptably good CS.

(The Silvonic Automatic CS Generator will produce the smallest particles of any electrolytic generator. In addition to regulating the current properly, it also alternates the polarity of the electrodes about every 5 minutes. This not only makes them wear evenly, but actually provides enough micro-turbulence to keep the water moving. The Silvonic automatically shuts off when it reaches the desired strength so you can set it and forget it.)

If you have confidence in your CS, use it liberally. Always use more than you think you should. Properly made CS cannot hurt you. Drink it after holding it in your mouth for a minute or two. Snort it up your sinuses. Nebulize it into a mist and inhale it deeply. Soak your feet in it. Put it in your pet’s water. clean your counters with it. Add it to your water bottle. Give it to your friends. Share the love.

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