The Benefits of Making and Using Colloidal Silver

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Apart from the clinically documented medical benefits of using colloidal silver, there are many ways in which colloidal silver provides advantages to those who use it. Overall, the greatest benefit may be that it puts individuals more in control of their own lives on many different levels.

While the benefits of using colloidal silver include the broad applications to human health, they extend far beyond that. Using colloidal silver can contribute to a healthier household, lower veterinary bills, cleaner food and higher quality garden produce.

Greater Self-reliance

While it’s true that you can still purchase colloidal silver supplements in health stores in the U.S. (these products have been pulled from the shelves in some European countries). You can easily and inexpensively make your own colloidal silver at home. This can be accomplished with a crude machine made of a 9-volt battery, two electrodes, pure silver and a jar of distilled water, however, the highest quality and most beneficial colloidal silver is produced using specially calibrated machines called “colloidal silver generators,” which are carefully tested to provide the best results.

Making your own high-quality colloidal silver increases your self-reliance. People who own colloidal silver generators, own their own means of production for a powerful anti-biotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and immune system booster. Regularly making and using colloidal silver can help reduce your medical bills.

Increased Productivity

Producing and using colloidal silver is not just a money saver. Better health leads to greater productivity. When people are healthier, their ability to produce and earn money increases. A healthier body with less down-time means you have more energy, not only for work, but to do the things in life that they enjoy.

People who use colloidal silver report experiencing less susceptibility to a variety of infections. When they do become ill, they very often have a cheap remedy already on hand and recover more quickly.

Reduction of Veterinary Bills

Colloidal silver benefits pets and livestock, as well. When animals are healthy, there is far less need of the services of a veterinarian.

Many animal diseases can be treated with colloidal silver. For example, the common problems of parasites and skin disorders in animals can be reduced and eliminated with the application of colloidal silver to the skin of animals or by adding colloidal silver to their bath or drinking water.

Common viruses can be treated successfully with colloidal silver. For example, colloidal silver can save the life of pets infected with the canine parvo virus, which is often deadly to dogs.

Furthermore, homes with pets in them can become cleaner by using colloidal silver inside the house to eliminate dangerous parasites in animals that can infect and sicken human beings. Sick animals can sicken human beings, but colloidal silver benefits pet owners by making pets and their entire households healthier.

When colloidal silver is added to the drinking water of pets and livestock, the animals appear healthier. Their immune systems are boosted and the water they drink from is purified from contaminants.

A Healthier, More Abundant Food Supply

Colloidal silver can be used to safely and effectively clean and disinfect fruits and vegetables. It is a safe and effective alternative to commercial sprays and washes that contain dangerous chemicals. Disinfecting the kitchen with colloidal silver can reduce bacterial cross-contamination in the kitchen. Furthermore, adding a little colloidal silver to food stored in the refrigerator can help it to keep its freshness longer by reducing the growth of bacteria and mold.

Colloidal silver can also be used to generate a safer, cleaner and more abundant food supply. When colloidal silver is applied to garden and house plants, it safely reduces mold and bacteria. It improves the growth of the plants. It can even save fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be lost to blight.

Understanding and using colloidal silver improves over all health by reinforcing the immune system and destroying potentially harmful, bacteria and parasites in food.

One of the greatest benefit of colloidal silver is that it is a safe alternative to potentially harmful chemicals because it can replace many common household cleaners and disinfectants that can actually endanger human health.

For instance, colloidal silver can help to kill bacteria on door knobs and handles. It can be used to retard the growth of mold in the kitchen and bathroom.

A high-quality colloidal silver generator is an investment in your health, the health of your entire household, your garden or farm and a way to achieve greater peace of mind.

Silvonic Colloidal Silver Generators

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For even more information about how you can achieve the best health of your life, learn more about the benefits of colloidal silver combined with other therapies as recommended Dr. Bob Beck at “The Research of Dr. Bob Beck.”

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