Structured Breathing Techniques

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Structured-Breathing-Instructions (Click to see full explanation with illustrations.)

Practical Daily Uses of Structured Breathing™
Here are some practical daily uses for Structured Breathing™. Again, we recommend practicing these exercises a minimum of two (maintenance) to six (therapeutic) times a day! Perhaps even more in very compromised air?

To repeat, Structured Breathing™ works best when used in conjunction with structured water and ionic trace minerals. Pulse testing has confirmed this clinically many times. If a person’s pulses have not completely balanced through structured breathing, they are most likely deficient in water / dehydrated, and the immediate consumption of up to 16 oz. of structured water will bring the pulses more cleanly to balance or near balance with increased strength.

The structured water use is also important in the detox process, both in drinking and from baths.
Therefore, minerals, enzymes, and vitamins, though essential to quality health, take a back seat to these two primary and synergistic nutrient copilots: air and water. However, the addition of ionic trace minerals into the water (and then followed with structuring) can also do wonders for pulse strength and balance. As previously stated, those still not balancing pulses are probably under dental, emotional, and/or spiritual burden.

Most everyone will benefit from these simple practices. These are general guidelines below…change at will. It is always recommended to work specifically with an individual’s needs through AK or other forms of evaluation. Although not absolutely necessary, it is recommended to use a DE Unit. Every structured unit (Mini, Shower, Portable, Garden, House, or Commercial) will work for the endeavor of Structured Breathing™.

Never force your breath. Make it long, deep, and enjoyable on both inhalation and exhalation. When in doubt, easy does it. Tingling or a Qigong energetic effect often occurs especially as a person goes over 18 breaths. Practice it now, for your following interest of choice below.

General Performance States
Studying (such as a new language) – Alpha breathing technique 9-81 breaths.
Public speaking Theta and then Delta breathing using only left nostril for both 9-81 breaths.
Meditation? Theta and Delta depending on the type of meditation 9-81 breaths.
Writing Alpha and Theta breathing (left nostril) 9-81 breaths.
Sports Theta breathing through left nostril 9-81 breaths.
Performing arts Alpha breathing, 9-81 breaths.
Lovemaking Delta breathing left nostril 9-81 breaths.
(There will no doubt be many people Delta breathing through their left nostril!) :))
Health Concerns
Negative Emotional States? Alpha then Theta breathing with left nostril only, 9-81 breaths…Start here for anyone’s
health improvement. Simply ask yourself, “What is bothering me now?” Then breathe through the levels.
Sleep? Theta and Delta Right Nostril 9-81 breaths.
Headaches? Theta Left Nostril, Delta Left Nostril 9-81 breaths.
Cancer? Alpha breathing 9-81 breaths.
Stroke? Alpha breathing 9-81 breaths.
Heart Attack / Prevention? Theta breathing through left nostril, 9-81 breaths.
Diabetes? Alpha breathing, 9-81 breaths.
Asthma? Delta breathing left nostril 9-81 breaths, followed by Alpha breathing 9-81 breaths.
Allergies? Alpha breathing 9-81 breaths.
Brain injuries? Alpha breathing 9-81 breaths followed by Delta breathing through left nostril 9-81 breaths.
EMF & Interference / Sensitivities? Theta Breathing, Left Nostril 9-81 breaths.
Heavy Metal Toxicities? Theta Breathing, Left Nostril 9-81 breaths.
Observations noted from Structured Breathing™
* A more regulated autonomic nervous system * Reduction in anxiety and toxicity states
* Easier, more balanced emotional states * Instantaneous pain reduction
* The ability to let go of the past * Greater physical endurance and recovery
* Reduced glitches in neurology * Greater Mental Concentration, Clearer Thinking
* Smoother, more uniform, body function * Going into the Zone more easily
* Increased oxygen intake * Greater Lung Capacity
* Reduced pathogenic loads * Balanced Breathing of Inhalation and Exhalation

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