SynchroStim 2000 (Used)

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Powerful combination of pulsing lights, sounds, and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES). A real blast from the past! Lucky owners of this rarity, created by Elixa’s President, Phil Safier, say it has more psychoactive effects than any other device before or since.


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The SYNCHRO-STIM 2000 pulses lightframe glasses with red LEDs or white incandescent bulbs, psychoactive sounds, and microcurrent Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) through earclip electrodes for the ultimate in brainwave entrainment.

It has 16 pre-set sessions, a manual function that lets the user select the frequency and mode, as well a user-programmable session. While lacking in the “advanced” features, bells and whistles of today’s mind machines, it more than makes up for in power to affect brain waves and neurotransmitters.

The SYNCHRO-STIM 2000 can be used for endorphin stimulation by using the ‘CES’ (cranial electrical stimulation) button. This provides a type of microcurrent electrical stimulation known as “brain tuning”. This method has been shown to enhance and balance neurotransmitter production. Since the current is pulsed at 111 Hz, this mode is used without the lights and sounds. Because this frequency is above the entrainment range, you will find that you can carry out tasks that require awareness such as studying.

Most users find that one or two 30 minute sessions per day is sufficient for the initial phase lasting from two to four weeks. After that, it has been found that only occasional tune ups are needed.

The most immediate, noticeable effects will be felt by individuals who are imbalanced, e.g. people withdrawing from addictive substances, depressives, etc.. Others who have a better balance of neurotransmitters will experience more subtle effects. The most common reports are of increased mental sharpness, ability to concentrate, improved memory, greater resistance to illness and faster healing/recovery time.

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