Colloidal Silver Tips: Solunar periods

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How to make the best Colloidal Silver

Follow the instructions that come with the Silvonic Pro CS generator and you will make very high quality colloidal silver at any time of the day or night. However, there is a best time to make colloidal silver every day. Contrary to popular belief, colloidal silver is not a “dead substance.” The ancients believed that all matter responded to celestial influences. As it turns out, both water and silver are “ruled” by the moon. This is easy to prove to yourself when making colloidal silver. The best time to make colloidal silver is during the solunar period. There are two solunar periods each day. They begin approximately 6 hours after either moonrise or moon set, and last for about 90 minutes. Since these times change every day, you will have to figure out when these times are for your local area. Many metropolitan newspapers publish this data daily.

Free Software: has free software that will give you the current day’s times for the geographic center of all fifty states plus the Canadian provinces. When you follow all of these guidelines, your batches will be much more uniform, almost no black residue on the electrodes, and the bitter taste will be reduced or eliminated.
So, that’s it! Making your colloidal silver during the solunar period gives you the best colloidal silver possible. It’s really quite easy.

You now have the very best Colloidal Silver available today. No store-bought brand at any price is better. Actual electron microscope photographs of this product show the general particle field to be between .001 and .004 microns in size.

It has been discovered that if the electrical reaction in the water is slowed down, the Colloidal Silver particles that are produced are SMALLER. This is good! To slow down the process, the water must have a higher resistance. What this means is, don’t use any electrolyte (eg salt) in the water.

A great deal of information has been published during the last few years concerning the benefits of Colloidal Silver. Unfortunately, some of this material includes false and misleading statements. One often repeated error is, “The adult RDA for silver is 400 milligrams.” The fact is, the US government has never set a Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for silver in the American diet.

In the literature, 1 teaspoon of 3ppm Colloidal Silver, a daily amount many people report using, contains about 15 micrograms of Colloidal Silver. (1,000 micrograms = 1 milligram) Any amount above 30 micrograms a day (the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of 3ppm Colloidal Silver) should be considered a high amount.

If you calculate the cost of batteries and electrodes and water, you should arrive at a cost per ounce of $.08 for the finest solution money can buy. And you can make it fresh, on demand, wherever you are!

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