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I wanted to let you know how wonderful the Delight Pro has been for me. I have suffered from severe insomnia for over 15 years combined with serious tension. I have tried everything in the book from Chinese herbs, acupuncture, numerous anti depressants, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, etc. I even fasted twice on only water for 21 days!

Nothing ever really worked and the medicines are the worst of them all because there are so so many side effects with very little benefits- and even the little benefit feels so forced and unnatural.

This device you sold me is nothing short of incredible- bordering on a miracle. I feel a deep deep sense of relaxation which I have not felt in my entire adult life to my memory. This device has gotten me to do deep diaphragmatic breathing during and after the sessions almost automatically without thinking. My sleep is vastly improved;- deeper, much more natural and no side effects so far. I feel like a different person.

What is interesting to me is that insomnia being my biggest problem, I thought the delta programs would be the best. They are O.K. but they don’t touch the relaxation power of the Theta programs. Specifically, the program called “theta” is the best at 5.5 hz. It is so powerful- that I cannot even think about my problems no matter how much I try. It forces me to disassociate. The programs that deal with “too much chatter” are the second best ones for me.

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